April 19, 2021


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The iPhone 12 Debut in Full Beta, with Things like Fast Charging, Magnetic Absorption, and Phone Cases

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This year as usual, a new iPhone was introduced. I bought an iPhone 12 first and will wait for the Pro Max to be released next month.

I received it yesterday and I’ve been testing it all day. I’ve basically figured out all the features of the new iPhone. Now let’s talk about topics of wired charging, wireless charging, MagSafe, screen coating and shell film selection.

It is well known the fact that the iPhone 12 no longer comes with a charger and headphones. For people who have mean comments about Apple, I think it’s time to hold hands and draw circles around Apple Park. Looking back at every change apple has made in its strategy, it’s clear that the company has been very strong in “educating users and guiding the market.” Based on the consideration of environmental protection, I can understand that Apple, as a technology company with such a large size, should make its own contribution to environmental protection. But let’s at least leave consumers with an option to choose whether we want a charger or not.

Perhaps no one is happier with this strategy than the label that makes the charger.

Wired charging power

This year, the power of the iPhone 12 is the same as last year’s 11 series, with the peak power around 22W-23W.

The 30W PD charger is used here for the test. In the following iPhone 12 Accessories Purchasing Guide, I will make a detailed curve comparison of the power supply difference of 18W, 20W and 30W.

MagSafe wireless charging

One of the highlights of this year’s iPhone12 is the addition of MagSafe magnetic adsorption. I am not going to talk about this technology in details here because I will write another article to talk about this in the future.

The small charges were also out of stock in the early release. I suggest not to buy it online with a markup, as there is plenty of stock in the offline AppleStore.

Bare-metal magnets are plentiful. After all, the iPhone 12 has built-in magnets and no shielding in between.

MagSafe charger cable is non-removable and the other end is USB-C port, which requires a 20W PD charger for power supply. By the way, 20W is required. You can also use 30W, 65W or 100W PD charger. The power depends on the access device, which is powered by a 100W charger and has a 20W power output.

The output power of the charger is around 18W-19W, which is also in line with the maximum power of 15W demarcated by Apple, excluding the loss of the mobile phone. The specific charging duration curve is yet to be tested and will be included in the accessories guide.

Note that this 15W is what you might think of as apple’s proprietary agreement. Only through this magnetic module to achieve MFI authentication, can we achieve 15W power.

Just like the data cable, only authenticated MFI companies can purchase it, and the price is $3.40. Due to the magnetic feature, this module is not only applicable to wireless charging, but also can have related gameplay in mobile phone case, car bracket and so on.

Apple’s official cases this year also have magnets built into them, in an effort to create an ecosystem through MagSafe. The transparent case has an extra white decoration due to the addition of the magnet.

I think it is not good-looking though..

Especially when you put it on, it’s always an eyesore. However, Apple’s appeal is still strong, with magnetized silica gel and transparency built in. The global stock is around 5 million pieces, which are basically out of stock at present.

A transparent shell case $59, also be thought as a waste of money. I actually bought this case when the XR series came out. How do I say it? It’s very well made and feels good. But it will still be yellowy after a long time of using, and very resistant to fall, as well as silica gel.

And the front border feels a little higher than the screen, not very accustomed to sliding back.

Talk about third-party cases and whether you can use the MageSafe charger

This question is also a concern of many people, let’s talk about this year’s new machine for the case. Every year, I buy many cases of new iPhone. This time, I bought OtterBox and LifeProof in addition to apple’s official transparent case.

OtterBox is already Apple’s largest case company in the world, and the site has plenty of resources to go around. In the case category, except for Apple’s official cases, everything else is an OtterBox. OtterBox, best known for its early iPad Pro case, is probably the best iPad case on the market.

For this year’s OtterBox collection, the color palette was much more conservative than last year’s 11 series. Color matching is basically pure color based. Some bright colors also be canceled this year which still had for last year.

Still a classic two-layer structure with a polycarbonate shell on the back and a synthetic rubber on the middle frame. It has Soft bezel and hard back. It is also easy to be disassembled and installed at the same time.

Although it passed three fall protection tests, it still has a good handle feeling and light weight, which is much better than UAG. This is one of my favorite fall-proof case series, which can be said to have achieved a good balance in terms of fall-proof, material, feel and appearance.

After I bought the Pro Max next month, this 12 is for my wife, so I also prepared a transparent case in advance. This transparent case with tiny flash points is officially called “star”. It is suitable for girls to hold, and it will have a shining effect under different lighting.

Whenever there is a good product, Apple will carry out some exclusive operation, that is, only Apple’s official sale. Apple’s exclusive OtterBox color matching this year is mainly based on fusion contrast color, which is very beautiful and adopts special technology.

The name of this case is “the puzzle”, the black and gold color matching, plus the irregular fusion texture. Slightly vintage style, looks very recognizable.

In the protective case, the design sense of OtterBox has always been the combination of colors to show the unique style. Unlike UAG’s hardcore style, OB’s products will appeal to a wider audience.

I also like this fan picture, in addition to the special color palette, special spraying process also better feel. Sweat proof, and not slippery or cold.

The iPhone 12 debuts in full beta, with things like fast charging, magnetic absorption, and phone case film

Another case I liked last year was LifeProof wake series.

The collection is made of environmentally friendly materials and is made from more than 85% recycled marine fishing nets. The wavy look of the ocean is also very well-designed and quite light to hold in your hand.

Though it is thin, LifeProof is still certified as a fall-proof case. After all, LifeProof started its brand as a fall-proof case.

Now let’s test whether the third-party mobile phone case can use MagSafe charger.

The OtterBox and LifeProof on the actual hands can be normally powered by MagSafe charger, and can trigger the charging animation. In other words, as long as the case is not ridiculously thick, there is no problem with power supply. (Not sure aboutUAG, need to be tested).

There is no problem with the power. The charger end can also be around 19W, which is exactly the same as the power of the naked machine or the official Apple magnetic housing.

Of course, as there is no magnet module in the case, the suction is naturally a little worse. But when it’s vertical, it doesn’t actually fall off, and when it’s flat, there’s some adsorption.

Even for the wake series with wavy textures, it will not fall when placed vertically.

So, the conclusion is, as long as you’re not using the suspension, the third-party cases can also be used with the MagSafe charger. Although the magnetic suction is not large, but there is no problem to use magnetic positioning on the desktop.

However, seeing that at the current Apple magnet module MFI has improved, I believe there will be a lot of MFI third-party mobile phone cases launching in the future.

By the way, the reason why I didn’t buy silicone this year is that I’m really bored with it. It is quite uncomfortable to hold when my hands are dirty or sweaty because it got attached on the case. But the good thing is that this year, the silicone will be all-inclusive. If you are not in a hurry, you can also wait for the leather version of MagSafe. It should be launched together with the Pro Max, and the price may be $89.

The buttons

I also noticed that on this year’s iPhone 12, the overall button range is shorter and the touch feels harder. It is much worse than before.

So, you’ll have to pay attention to the case. some of the small factories did not take this into account, they produced quite a lot of bad examples of cases. As for Apple’s own transparent case, the buttons feel hard. It is not as transparent as the one I bought last November.

My OtterBox, on the other hand, feels better than Apple’s own transparent case and is easy to press.

In particular, the volume button, I do not know whether it is processed with special technique. The feeling of the button when I touch it is the most comfortable button I have ever used.

Screen protector

I know some people say that he never wears a screen protector, they’d rather buy a Care+. But I still reckon the protector is not to prevent the smashing screen, but for easy to replace the coating on.

We know that screens are coated on the factory, but this coating will fall off over time, resulting in a sticky touch and a dull feel. If you put on the screen protector, change it and you’re done.

This year’s iPhone 12 May have had a glass replacement, with a very tight coating. It feels different from the previous ones, so I recommend you to stick to the screen protector this year. Apple does not send the charger to drive the charger manufacturers. This coating has become bad will drive the film manufacturers.

This time it is still the annual practice to prepare a PIECE of hoda membrane in advance. Why don’t I buy more other brands? In fact, many manufacturers may have some errors in data reference when they get screen protectors ahead of time,, which is very easy to lead to the first batch of protector quality instability. So, the safest thing is still to buy one and wait a few days to buy a new one.

I buy hoda every year, last year’s product is not good I complained. The channel is more chaotic, I will not put the link. The one I got now is buying through a friend, the price is also good. This year, many manufacturers abandoned full 3D coverage because of the flat glass in the iPhone 12.

The fit is fine, the edges have shrunk a bit, and this is also due to the iPhone 12’s right-angle + plane ID design. Overloading will cause the top of the case to appear.

Right-angled machines are generally harder to load than rounded machines. So, when the iPhone 12 is being taken apart, it’s hard not to squeeze the corners. If the frame is too wide, the case will definitely touch the protector. This must be noted.

The 2.5D of hoda is ok, and there is no case that the top membrane does not fit. However, if you don’t care about the edge, it is actually recommended to buy a non-fullcover edge protector, which should be better than 2.5D. My new Mormis hasn’t arrived yet, so let’s talk about it in the accessories guide for the iPhone 12 later on.


This is the first test of the new model. Due to limited time plus the official transparent case was a day late. So, please forgive me if there is any mistake.

Basically, I have released 2 days of emergency test content, including the charging magnetic suction mobile phone case and screen protector. The characteristics that I cannot perceive the have all told you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

I’m going to pick up the delivery. See you next time for our “iPhone 12 Accessories Shopping Guide”.

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