April 20, 2021


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The MoMax OnePlug 100W Charger Review: 2C2A is Truly Eco-friendly

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Starting from the second half of 2020, many mobile phone manufacturers began to “be ready to move”, they started to come up with creative ideas of charger in the box of mobile phones.

It comes as Apple has officially removed the charger from its latest flagship model, the iPhone 12 series, citing environmental protection as “leading the industry” once again. Whether the core goal is be environment-friendly or not remains to be seen, but this has prompted a number of manufacturers to consider copying Apple’s move. Of course, the price does not reflect more discounts, after all, a small charger cost from $1 to $15. But for users, without the charger, is it really OK to just use the old one?

Over the past two years, studying on the charging efficiency of the domestic manufacturers,  have launched their own quick charge technology, because the battery storage capacity and volume, in order to ensure that mobile phone’s appearance overall coordination, flagship mobile phones on the market generally use 3800 mAh to 4500 mAh battery capacity, the rated capacity, which leads to the vendors must work in the charging efficiency, so there will be a “quick charge” of the last year. From 65W to 100W or even 120W mass production models in an endless stream. It’s important to note, however, that no matter how high the wattage is, you need to have a charger that supports its power, which means that if you don’t have the right charger for the fast charging phone you have, you won’t be able to experience the fast charging feature.

In fact, for many users, the charger is a “rare item”, often placed in different rooms at home, office, travel also need to take several charger, because not only mobile phones, laptop computers, players, headphones and so on too many digital products need charger. The maximum power supported by each product is also different, so how to use it once and for all and easily becomes a practical problem that users need to face. Fortunately, some manufacturers have discovered this pain point and come up with a solution to solve this problem: multi-port quick charger. The OnePlug 100W gallium nitride charger, recently launched by MoMax Momice, is definitely a good choice.

The MoMax OnePlug 100W Gallium Nitride Charger meets the needs of most users in the market today because it supports up to 100W of output power and has four 2A2C charging ports, all of which are capable of achieving up to 100W of power. No matter in terms of power or the number of charging ports, this can already meet most of our daily work and life needs, which is also the core selling point of this product. What gallium nitride is, we’ll talk about it at the end of this article.

The MoMax OnePlug 100W Gallium Nitride Charging Charge has a minimalist overall design, with a white PC flame retardant case covered with a light matte finish and rounded corners that make it comfortable to the touch, non-slip and easy to clean. The square design is similar in size to the 65W charger on the market, with a side length of 2.95inches and a thickness of 1.1inch, and a net weight of 0.45lbs. This design allows the MoMax OnePlug to easily be placed in a bag or on the plug pad without blocking the plug of other electrical devices. MoMax brand and GaN on the front, Qualcomm QC3.0 and PD3.0 quick charging logo on the back. In addition, we also see the detailed output power of this product on the side as follows.

Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 2A

Single port output:

USB-C1/C2:5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V5A Max

USB-A1/A2:4.5V5A, 5V4.5A, 9V3A, 12V2.5A, 20V1.5A MAX

Double port output:

USB-C1+C2:65W+30W (95W Max)

USB-A1+A2:5V3A (15W Max)

USB-C1/C2+USB-A1/A2:65W+30W (95W Max)

Total output: 100W

Elsewhere, the MoMax OnePlug 100W Gallium Nitride charger is very sophisticated. The charger comes with a foldable national standard socket, which is protected by two wings, making it very stable in use. The socket is also modular, meaning you can add other specifications to fit different jacks.

The output of the MoMax OnePlug 100W Gallium nitride charger is described above. The MoMax OnePlug is equipped with four ports, two C ports and two A ports, all with blue plastic cartridges. Usually we buy recharge most of them are single head of blue rubber core, that is because the general charger only equipped with a support quick charge agreement, the output but this MOMAX ONEPLU beside the four output ports are all marked the PD and QC protocol supports a variety of fast charge, that is to say, no matter you use which one port, can adapt to the quick charge on current products. The LED indicator below is a pale white light when powered on, elegant and delicate.

We also tested the MoMax OnePlug 100W gallium nitride charger output ports, and as noted on the side, both USB-C and USB-A ports support 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V5A these five fixed voltage range and a 3.3-21V5A PPS voltage range. It also supports Apple 2.4A, QC2.0/3.0, Samsung 5V2A, AFC, DCP, FCP, SCP, PPS, MTK PE+2.0 and other protocols, that is to say, no matter which port you plug in the efficiency is the same, no need to look for A quick port every time, blind plug can be, travel only with this one can fully meet your needs.

With the theoretical data out of the way, let’s take a look at how the MoMax OnePlug 100W Gallium Nitride Charger performs in the real world. We used QC3.0 support charging protocol to charge Android phones quickly, from 30% to 100%, and the time was 30 minutes.

Charging the Mac Book Pro is basically stable at around 54W, which is faster than the original power output.

Next, we use Switch for testing. At this time, the charging efficiency is between 15V1A and 1.3A, which can reach about 15W, which is enough to support us to use while playing.

We also test, MOMAX ONEPLUG 100 W gallium nitride charger for computers and mobile phones at the same time, in the intelligent proportion of 65W + 30W recharged at the same time, if this equipment will appear 30W + 7.5W + 7.5W + 45W intelligent proportion, that is to say, even if four pins at the same time work will be normal use, it is effectiveness of ordinary charger has done less than 65 W, of course, we suggest two at the most device charging at the same time, so charging speed will be faster. During the trial period, we also conducted temperature tests respectively, and the surface temperature of the plug was about 45℃, which was commendable.

GaN is now in general use in the industry of the third generation of semiconductor materials, the first to use the new energy vehicles, smart grid, rail transportation and other fields, it has a large band gap width, high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistant, radiation resistance, acid and alkali resistant, high strength and high hardness such as features, with the change of technology results in the decrease of the cost of, is now widely used in the field of consumer electronics. Products using gallium nitride technology have advantages over traditional products in terms of small size, light weight, heating and conversion efficiency, and safety. The MoMax OnePlug 100W Gallium Nitride Charger has been able to achieve this achievement thanks to the development of this technology.

Let’s talk about the product itself, at the beginning of the article we mentioned the importance of charger for users to use, once upon a time we don’t need too much worry about it, because the universal product model of the single, the effect is the same, but now we have to take the initiative to choose charging products to respond to different product requirements, it is not just a “mobile phone not charger”, but how to in a variety of different power products of charger choose a suitable for all products. MOMAX ONEPLUG 100 w gallium nitride charger would do this, 2C2A configuration, and rated output power of 100W, condensed in a “box”, 2.95 inches in length and whether mobile phone manufacturers to not charger after you are no need to worry about, with it, say goodbye to those extras, desktop neat, travel light, from then on don’t have to worry about which hole to plug it in, perhaps this is the real implementation of environmental protection.

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