April 20, 2021


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The Small Square Screen of Redmi Watch is as Light as a Bracelet and Offers Users an Outstanding Wearing Experience

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Relying on their center entrance advantage, big mobile phone manufacturers begin to enter intelligence household in succession. Perhaps mobile phone manufacturers think that wearable devices are the key starting point to open the ecological chain of smart home, so almost all of them focus their eyes on users’ wrist, as if whoever can win users’ wrist favor can further consolidate their market share in the mobile phone market.

Although Xiaomi’s wearable devices have already topped the domestic charts, that hasn’t shaken its brother brand Redmi’s determination to compete in the “wrist” market.


The lightweight body creates a new experience of comfortable wear

In fact, the small square screen of Redmi Watch is not the brand’s first wearable product, because Redmi released a Redmi band in April this year, with the price dropping to 13 dollars, which to some extent fills the market gap of Xiaomi’s wearable device in the price period below 15 dollars. Similarly, this time Redmi watch follows the previous low-price strategy, filling the gap of Xiaomi in the low price watch market.


As an “ornament” worn on the hand, the appearance level of the watch is of course very important. In terms of appearance design, the elegant black version of the small square screen of Redmi Watch is mainly in a minimalist style, with the main color of black covering from the case to the strap, giving it a simple but not ugly look. In addition, as the most classic versatile color, black version caters to the aesthetic needs of the public to a certain extent. In fact, in addition to the small square screen elegant black version of Redmi Watch in my hand, Redmi also offers two optional airframes, ivory white and ink blue, which basically meet the preferences of most consumers for individual colors.

However, compared with the conventional pin-buckle watchband, the small square screen of Redmi Watch is not suitable for the mainstream third-party watchband because of its special buckle watchband. On the strap side, Redmi also offers cherry blossom pink and turquoise, two more vibrant bands for consumers to choose from.

It is no exaggeration to say that the small square screen of Redmi Watch is by far the most comfortable Xiaomi Watch I have ever worn. The reason is not complicated. The whole Redmi Watch weighs only 0.07lbs, and its petite size, coupled with the thin skin-friendly watchband, naturally brings a near-insensate wearing experience. To some extent, I think the small square screen of Redmi Watch is even better than some bracelet products, because the sensor on the back of this Watch has a low protrusion, and the transition between the sensor on the back and the body is relatively natural, which will not bring significant pressure to my wrist.

Of course, limited by cost, Redmi watches can still find some flaws in the experience. First of all, the screen proportion of this product is a little bit less interesting. The thickness of the frame at the bottom of the screen of this product is inconsistent. Because the upper part needs to make room for the light sensor, I can still clearly see the presence of the light sensor when I tilt the body of the watch to about 70 degrees.

The only functional buttons on Redmi Watch’s small square screen feel good, which is tight and gives feedback without losing power. This product is thought to be produced by Huami, but after the inspection of the product packaging, it was found that this watch is produced by Longqi Electronics. Of course, it is impossible to survive in the market only depending on external hardware conditions. For smartwatches and quasi-smartwatches, soft experience is also an important link that cannot be ignored.


Simple but still good-looking, Redmi Watch small screen is valuable

As the core interaction window of smartwatch products, the screen plays an important role. Fortunately, the 1.4-inch, 323PPI HD screen is not only guaranteed to have a good picture quality, but is also supported by its deep, pure black panel, which creates an integrated visual sense between the screen and the case.

Isn’t one of the charms of smartwatches the ability to change faces and moods anytime and anywhere? In terms of the number of dials, the small square screen of Redmi Watch offers more than 120 dials. My favorite is the “Gradient number” dial, which is very simplified and echoes the external design of the Watch. In addition, in fact, many of the dial from the previous Xiaomi smartwatch dial base for transplantation, so for me who has used a few old Xiaomi watch users, always feel a little lack of freshness.

Perhaps due to the performance limitations of the Watch itself or to extend its battery life, the small square screen of Redmi Watch abandons all transition animation features. Although the overall system has a good fluency, it lacks the support of transition animation, which makes its interaction quality somewhat lower.

Moreover, as a watch product, checking the time is its core function. Although the speed of the small square screen of Redmi Watch is not outstanding, the display speed of the Watch is controlled at about 0.5 seconds, which is coupled with the high success rate of the screen wake-up. For me who likes to do things quickly, I feel that the performance of the small square screen of Redmi Watch is acceptable.

In the relatively limited experience time, I also briefly experienced the performance of the small square screen of Redmi Watch in sports data recording. It is found from the actual measurement that the high-precision six-axis sensor and motion algorithm built into the small square screen of Redmi Watch can calculate the user’s motion data relatively accurately. The seven built-in motion modes can realize the motion recording of outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, brisk walking, swimming pool and free activity. However, it is also limited by the fact that the small square screen of Redmi Watch does not have GPS features, so it cannot record the user’s movement without the phone.

Nobody is perfect, so as the product, the product actually there are many worthy of praise, such as Redmi Watch, through “Xiaomi wear 2.0” APP, not only brought a brand-new elegant interface, but also a new virtual image, the user can intuitively observed their own movement data, including heart rate data, 24 hours stand and the number of data, such as help the user to fully understand their own health. Not only that, through the “my badge”, “health plan”, “video course” and other new features of the enhancement, to a certain extent to urge and improve the user’s exercise enthusiasm role.

In order to meet users’ daily mobile payment needs, the small square screen of Redmi Watch is built with NFC chip, which can change the bus card and door card in seconds, reducing the need for users to take out their mobile phones unnecessarily. 50 meters waterproof features, the watch can easily cope with daily water intrusion; In addition, it also supports the function of “Xiaoai”. It can give instructions to little Love under the condition of connecting to the mobile phone, and it can receive limited information through its own screen. Finally, it also supports remote control of the mobile phone music playback operation.


Redmi fills the gap in the market for former versions’ pricing

From the above experience, it is not difficult to find that due to its low price, the small square screen of Redmi Watch is not a wearable device that pursues the ultimate heap. The reason to consider pros and cons is that compared with high-end positioning smartwatch products that cover all aspects in the market, the lightweight body of Redmi Watch with a small square screen of only 0.07lbs gives this product an excellent advantage of lightness, which makes it bring a new comfortable wearing experience between conventional smartwatch and bracelet.

Although the independent GPS feature is missing, the ecological advantage of MIUI deep customization system enables the small square screen of Redmi Watch and Xiaomi /Redmi mobile phone to achieve the function of “Xiaoai”, which to a large extent enriches the playability of the Watch, such as direct query of basic information through the Watch, remote control of smart home and so on. What’s more, Redmi Watch’s small square screen, with its long battery life of 12 days in a long mode and 7 days in a regular mode, partly caters to consumers who don’t like charging smartwatches frequently.

If Redmi Band is called “Thanos” among the within a hundred dollars band products, the same is true for the small square screen of Redmi Watch. However, the latter is aimed at the low-end smart band market, and both products shoulder the mission of beating the industry for low quality and poor manufacturing. I wonder if the small square screen of Redmi Watch, which only costs 45 dollars (40 for the first order), will impress you? Anyway, I have been impressed by its lightweight and comfortable wearing experience.

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