April 19, 2021


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The Sonos Five All-in-One Speaker Experience: Simple yet Sophisticated

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Comments: The symmetrical design is simple and fashionable; Three frequency equilibrium and strong analytical power; The sound field effect is quite broad; Online music resources and radio resources are rich; Support Apple Airplay2; Seamless connection between multiple devices.

For me personally, speaker is one of the necessary equipment, whether it is listening to music, watching movies or playing games. It has unique advantages, such as the atmosphere of the immersive effect which cannot be compared by headphones. Magnificent picture again, after all, if it is lack of a sound support, the user will also feel a little dull. The market already has quite a lot of the speaker product, mainly focusing on high-fidelity sound quality and main surround sound. Of course, there are styles balanced consideration of different usage scenarios. Sonos is an American brand of household intelligent sound system, its high-fidelity speaker products are favored by customers both at home and abroad. The brand has recently introduced new Sonos Five one-piece speaker. The concise and elegant modelling design was built in six digital amplifier, and three high speakers and the bass speaker, also support the adaptive tuning technology Trueplay. For users to better create the best sound effects, you think it’s just acts as the role of sound, actually otherwise, Sonos Five or an independent music player. You can use it to play speaker content from streaming platforms like music and podcasts. Let’s talk about my experience with this speaker.

Sonos Five one-piece speaker outer package is quite big and quite heavy, appearance design is relatively simple, the box was not marked with too many features or parameters, the front sound real figure, above has a small sign of WiFi, five marks in the top left hand corner is quite striking. What’s more intriguing is there is an Apple AirPlay2 authentication marks. That means the speaker is already capable of supporting AirPlay 2.

There is not much to say about the unpacking process. Inside the box, besides Sonos Five one-piece speaker itself, in terms of accessories, there are the power cord, a quick start guide and warranty agreement, white power cord, which is about two meters long, because the sound does not carry other types of cable, users can according to buy the speaker wire and cable.

The Sonos Five one-piece speaker version has two colors which are black and white optional. What I am holding now is white, the front of the sound was full of holes. Only a manufacturer of Sonos Logo on the above, there is no redundant decoration. Sound overall appearance is given priority to with white color, monochrome matte light appears more simple and elegant design in the look and feel, there may be users think monochromatic design slightly dull, while for me for such monochromatic design feels very good.

The one I have in hand the Sonos Five one-piece speaker is upgrade edition. It has adopted the single-color design appearance, the biggest difference lies in the positive position of the Logo, this allows the appearance of the speaker tone and texture more uniformed, if you are people who like a pure tone, it would be very fit your taste. It has made the operation of memory and processor upgrade as well, which improves the speed to be prepared for the future new features.

At 7.99*14.33*6.06 inches, the Sonos Five-in-One doesn’t look like much but it is heavy, it does weigh a hefty 14 pounds. After all, it has six speaker units built into it, which is acceptable and not too hard to carry.

The Sonos Five one-piece speaker built-in six speaker unit, three of whom are the tweeters woofer is three, which is equipped with six class D digital amplifier. The speaker is directivity of the visible from below, left, right and center, and built-in the adaptive tuning Trueplay technology, with real-time analysis and to adjust the performance of speaker, as far as possible let users experience the excellent speaker effect.

The 4 edges and corners of speaker all use circular arc transition processing, in pure white outer shell slants downy quietly elegant in integral style, the front that contains radian looks and feels more comfortable, which can match almost all home outfit style. It won’t appear abrupt, and you cannot find a screw hole on outer shell, which looks a kind of contracted feeling that is made of nature.

The sound can be placed vertically as well, in addition to conventional horizontally placed around the bottom of the sound and the side has three small mat, and itself has a certain weight, to be able to make sound very careful on the table, this design can satisfy more usage scenarios, such as horizontal put directly on the computer desk or desk, also it can be put vertical TV or projection on either side of the curtain.

Sound is at the top of the control panel, on the below is the volume of the conventional and subtract with music playing the pause button, because the buttons on the touch panel using capacitive touch key, finger touch and no AoTuGan, and sensitive touch range is larger and fairly quickly. When you click on the button, there will be prompt and above a status indicator lights, logo and the brightness of the light touch buttons are not obvious, as far as possible let these buttons and lights appear less prominent, which will affect the sound neat appearance.

Basic operations such as volume addition and subtraction and music playback can be realized through the touch button at the top. A single touch can pause music or adjust the volume, while a right swipe on the control panel can play the next song, and a left swipe can replay the previous song. Other more complex operations need to rely on APP.

The “Five” Logo is printed on the back of the Sonos Five All-in-One, and the corresponding interfaces are at the bottom, including 220V power interface, 100Mbps Ethernet interface, 0.13inch speaker input interface, and a connection button, which is a physical button for pairing the speaker with the phone.

Sound support both wireless network and wired network, but the WiFi wireless network support only 2.4 GHz frequency signal, if be the FLAC such lossless music file formats. The buffer time for a song will be longer. If the conditions allows it, I actually advises users to first choose the way to a wired network connection, compared with common mode interference of the wireless link less transmission speed faster and more stable.

Sonos Five one-piece speaker support for multiple input methods, one kind is analog speaker input, sound through speaker line analog signal receiving device, then voice broadcast, TV or computer equipment is suitable for the connection intelligence, but the stand or fall of quality will be affected by the input source, if the analog signal distortion degree is high performance quality directly.

One is through the Sonos app on the phone or computer control, you can choose to play local music files or streaming music. Files will be directly transferred to the speaker, the speaker decoding and playing out, this means that can hear the sound of the most authentic, at the time of using software to play music, will not affect the use of mobile phones. In simple terms, mobile phone about tantamount to a remote control, you can use their phones to control speaker, while playing games or watching video.

Sonos Five one-piece speaker also support the Apple AirPlay 2 function, as long as mobile phones and speaker equipment are in the same local area network, without the Sonos app by mobile phones, directly through the third-party media application on his mobile phone to play music and control. It is easy to operate like to Bluetooth mode connection, but with the method of AirPlay play concerts have evident delay.

Rely on sound at the top of the touch keys can be to some of the basic control, such as the volume adjustment switch songs, etc., and other refined settings and control needs to rely on the app, such as adding music services binding device input source switch, users can download and install the corresponding application in each big stores of Sonos app, the app experience is operated on the Android mobile phone, may be slightly different with apple mobile phone segment.

If it is your first time to use this speaker, you need to register an account, and then the system will prompt you to search and bind speaker equipment, follow the setting guide step by step to set, but it should be noted that the WiFi network must be connected to the same local area network with the mobile phone or computer, otherwise it will not be able to connect and communicate with the mobile phone app.

After successfully binding and connecting the speaker system, you can directly enter the main interface. The main interface of Sonos App is a light gray style. At the bottom of the main interface, there are five columns: My Sonos (Favorites Playlist), Browse (View Music Service or Switch Music Source), System (Play Control), Search (Search for Music), and Settings (System Settings).

The Sonos Five one-piece speaker support play music online, but you need to add the corresponding music service to use. The supporting service is very rich, covering the mainstream streaming media platform at home and abroad, such as Apple Music and other speaker network platforms. Here you can always find their favorite online music platform, users can add one or more of the music services according to their own habits.

After logining in and binding the corresponding music platform online play songs, rights and interests of members and playlist content and mobile phase synchronization, if be to search and search all has the binding music concert platform, if you want to enjoy unlimited music content, I will suggest you to pay for the VIP member of corresponding music platform service, otherwise there are only a few to play in collection song of songs.

Adding music services can be found in the browse section, if the network is not smooth, or don’t need to play online music, you can also quickly switch input source in the browser, such as playing songs on the mobile device, or switch to line input mode, will connect computers, mobile phones or other players and then it can play music.

Music playback interface design and the design of most of the music App is similar to that of the interface. Which is simple and relaxing. Most of the area is used for displaying the cover of the song, which covers lower part is main information, progress and playing at the bottom of the article is the volume adjustment. If you want to listen to light music in the night to sleep, you can set the sleep timer after a certain period of time to close the music.

There is a voice Assistant option in the App, but the Sonos Five All-in-One doesn’t support voice Assistant. Currently, it only supports Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. However, due to obvious reasons, these two platforms are temporarily unavailable on the domestic network, so the voice service will not be discussed here.

Project in the system setup is straightforward, you can set the equalizer, alarm clock, Internet connection, etc, these can be set up according to his habit, but to say the line input item here, especially the speaker delay options, the default setting is 2000 milliseconds, the largest speaker delay for music playing and no influence, if the movie or play games, will directly affect the viewing experience, so need to set it before use.

In addition to the mobile phone remote control software, Sonos also provides the desktop control software, I must give this a thumb-up. I also have to admit that at present most programs deliberately to migration of mobile terminals, mobile phone than the computer is really more convenience, more interactive, but each switch tracks will pick up the phone to the operation, most of the time will inevitably some inconvenient, now directly on a laptop switch track even input source.

Desktop on the control software needs to be downloaded and installed from the official website, software interface design is more concise, the function list is clear. The main interface is divided into three regions, respectively they are playback controls, track control, music source switch, and at the bottom of the alarm clock and timer setting and operating, such as interactive control concentration in main interface is very convenient to operate.

In terms of the function, the desktop version control software is quite clear, song search playback, equalizer and music library setting function and there is no visible difference between mobile end. You no longer need to open the mobile phone software, another direct switching control efficiency in the notebook computer, of course, some items still need to phone settings, such as speaker delay, network connection, etc.

In the music library, you can add the music folder in the computer, and also the music files shared in the network auxiliary storage device. You only need to click the setting step to add them. Sometimes it is more convenient to use the computer to operate, and it is quite tedious to manually input the path of the shared files on the mobile phone.

There might be someone who want to PC with mobile phone terminal operations will appear conflict operation and so on at the same time, in fact it is not, as long as computers and mobile phones in the same local area network (LAN), and successfully and sound to connect communications, broadcast information and related operations are synchronous, including queue songs broadcast schedule information, such as the cover is you can be on any one device to control the sound, and to achieve seamless docking.

About this kind of sound is roughly operation mode, in order to play music in mobile phone or computer files, for example, by the app to upload music files through the LAN to the sound system, carried out by the speaker decoding and displaying, and play Internet music resources from the corresponding download music files and play music platform, the Sonos Five one-piece speaker speaker file formats are supported by all, including speaker formats commonly used like MP3/Flac/WAV/AAC, etc.

Because the local music files need to be uploaded from the mobile phone, so the background needs to be locked when playing to allow the application to continue activities in the permanent background, otherwise after a period of time the application will be automatically closed by the system, then the music cannot continue to play, playing network music resources will not be affected.

As long as the computer is still running, music will continue to play even if you log out of the Sonos app because the shared music files are still accessible. You can also switch tracks using the mobile app.

If you are users who like playing the local music, I personal advice network storage devices use collocation, or use the router which supports external hard drive also is right choice, used to hold music video data, such as don’t have to worry about the influence of external network or application software, smart TV or computer access to rise more convenient also.

Then let’s talk about the use of practical experience, from the room to the living room, from computer to TVS, from video to the game, from a different Angle to tell me about the actual experience, first by connecting a computer to play movies, play video can only choose in the form of analog circuit input, I have to say it sounds really good, the bass effect is very heart-striking, but because of the sound can only put it in the computer side, so the speaker effect is not very obvious.

It also has good performance in terms of gaming experience. The powerful hit the stands out, to make the game more realistic, as if, as it were, of course, the need to listen to a game of PUBG which has high requirement of the speaker effect, either choose headphones or choose to form a speaker pairs, here to say a bit, if use the Sonos Five one-piece speaker or video games, then you must setup the voice delay to the lowest in the system, because high voice delay will cause great are not synchronized.

By the app to play and play in the form of analog circuit input directly, if there is any difference in sound quality, I can tell you for sure, there are also quite obvious, by simulating the line input broadcast voice has the obvious sense of turbidity, failed to pass the app broadcast out of that kind of clear and transparent feeling, may be the onboard computer sound card is not to force.

I’ll have to say that the front end of the input is very important, the use of different front-end equipment, which improves the effect of speaker broadcast voice is also different, such as shuttle carried a HiFi decoding chip iQOO phone, sound quality has obvious improvement, of course, if you are enthusiasts, you also can match more advanced independent sound card or player.

If only music is played, the App will be preferred to play, or through the Airplay function to play music, music files are directly decoded and played by the speaker, the sound effect will be much better than the analog line input, after all, it is carefully tuned and adapted.

The sound volume is definitely enough, thanks to its built-in speakers are also enough, such as I play video in the sitting room, it is ok to adjust the volume to around 50%, and to turn up a little, the neighbors may be to slap on the door, and in the room only dare to about 25% of the volume, adjust the ear can’t stand it up again, I used to tune the volume to around 90%, and play a few different styles of song, has not been broken sound distortion such as situation, also can’t hear the sound of resonance of the.

Due to the fact I only have one speaker, only to be put in the center of the smart TV, the selection of titles is 4 “avengers alliance”, in the middle of movie have a regiment battle scenes, artillery thunder quite a shock after the explosion, the simple sense of low-frequency vigorous powerful, fight with gunshots in the distance can also be a good reduction, can more accurately convey the explosion roughly azimuth, even in the equalizer in the bass effect directly, full of sound field effect and the details is not due to the strengthening of low-frequency mask off, instead more surging shock effect, feel in the moment of explosion the sit chair is in me then vibrate, The overall sound experience is unmatched by the TV’s built-in speakers.

The Sonos Five one-piece speaker support to form a speaker pair, that is to say, through two speaker constitute a pair of speaker system, two sound a left a right place television, can directly enjoy traditional speaker effect, can significantly improve the auditory experience, will be more close to the theater sound, the experience after the activity, the subsequent with consider of a speaker.

Me, as a player, basically use the TV to play the game. It is natural not the feeling of playing a game on TV more readily, after all, the monitor screen size is smaller, by using the Wolf: shadow passed a second test, actually I really enjoy that kind of simple repetition of tinkling sound while the iron is hot, it sounds very pleasing to the ear, the sound can be very clear and restore the light metal crash. If full of high-pitched sound directly, after hearing the voice of the collision in the that moment I feel chills, it is more fun to play.

The Sonos Five one-piece speaker in the ultimate racing: the horizon 4 game sound performance is excellent, for racing games I general pull the bass in the equalizer, a foot pedal directly on to the end, the engine rumbling sounds quite a shock, and the friction of the ground and metal whomp also can restore to come out, give a person a kind of immersive feel.

Since speakers are always about the sound, the last is the subjective listening, I using computer app to play local music files, both for FLAC nondestructive format, the leisurely Sonos Five one-piece speaker sound quality performance can describe with surprise, sound is very clear and clean is extremely resistant to listen to, the performance of the spectrum are balanced and harmonious, high frequency light which have administrative levels feeling, to the voice of the high instruments detail explanation is very clear, that sounds not frizzy and sharp sense, natural, real and low intermediate frequency voice sounds very comfortable, low frequency transient expression is very thick and strong in place, Relation is powerful and just right, there is no that kind of head turbidity feeling, and sound field effect is quite broad, sound three-dimensional sense and positioning sense are very appropriate.


Overall rating

The Sonos Five All-in-One has a minimalist design, with no extra trimmings, and a low-key, elegant shape that fits easily into any home environment, whether it’s on a desk or next to the TV. This speaker built-in six digital amplifier, three high speakers and woofer, the directivity of the layout design, and support adaptive Trueplay tuning technology, strive to build a broad sound field effect, at least from actual listening experience from me, I didn’t think a monomer type speaker also can have such an experience, the overall tuning balanced nature extremely resistant to listen to, if cooperate with high frequency gain adjustable function, it is easy to adapt to all kinds of music tracks and usage scenarios. Besides quality streaming function, it is also good, it integrates the function of streaming media, covers domestic and international mainstream music platform and network station. The extremely rich resources of online music sound that other brands can’t compete. The content can meet the demand of the vast majority of the user’s listening, if still feel not enough, also can be shown through the way of the App or Airplay2 local music resources, which is very convenient and considerate to use. In general, the Sonos Five All-in-One is more than simple. The sound effect and media resources are almost perfect, and the sound quality is beyond the volume, which has completely exceeded my expectation for the all-in sound.

Of course, some details still need to be worked out, such as the cumbersome process of pairing your speaker to a new WiFi network, and the failure of a PC app to play local music after a period of time

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