April 20, 2021


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The Surface Laptop Go Test: An Ordinary Product Full of Surprises.

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In October, instead of rolling out the regular iterations of the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft introduced a whole new generation of Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop Go. But after these two laptops were released, an interesting message came out: “Surface Laptop Go is THE real product.”

This statement may sound exaggerated at first, but it does have some rationality in some sense. The new Surface Pro X is based on the iteration of its predecessor, continuing the previous generation’s advantages while upgrading the faster SQ2 processor. Unlike Surface Laptop Go, this is a new addition to the Surface Family Bucket. A product without a “predecessor” is an expansion of the product lineup, allowing the Surface line to reach a wider range of consumers.

The Surface Laptop Go is an “ordinary” Laptop. The suffix “Go” determines that this is a laptop with obvious personal needs, which is not as universal as the flagship product in Surface series. The traditional laptop shape makes it relatively common in “Surface Family bucket”. However, because of this, Surface Laptop Go is another amazing presence. Its sufficient performance and 12.4-inch screen size make it very suitable for education, office and users who have obvious needs for portability. Although it is a traditional Laptop, Surface Laptop design elements are integrated into it, making it eye-catching in appearance design.


The iconic design of the Surface Laptop line

In terms of product form, Surface Laptop is a very special product line, because it is the only product line in the Surface series that adopts the traditional Laptop shape. While the Surface Laptop Go design doesn’t stand out in the Surface range, that doesn’t mean the Laptop isn’t special in its design.


Good-looking appearance

No matter what the products themselves are, Surface products never disappoint in appearance design, and Surface Laptop Go is no exception, highlighting a simple vibe. The “A” side of the laptop is made of extremely textured aluminum and has A single square logo that mirrors Microsoft’s. If you look closely, you will find that the logo is placed in the middle of the whole A surface, which makes the notebook has a high product identification.

If you open your Laptop, you can see the B-side of the Surface Laptop Go, which is the other side of the screen. The Surface Laptop Go has a 12.4-inch PixelSense touchscreen display. Yes, it’s also a laptop with a touch screen that’s responsive and accurate enough to hit even the smaller TAB buttons on the app. In addition, due to its small size, the visual distance between the computer screen and the user is short, which provides the conditions for consumers to be comfortable with the touch screen. If the visual range is large, the user will need to raise his arm frequently for touch, and in the case of the Surface Laptop Go, the wrist range is enough.

In addition, Surface Laptop Go still has a 3:2 screen ratio, which allows you to read more on the same screen when you’re viewing vertical information, compared to a traditional 16:9 computer screen. Even with a 16:9 screen, a 3:2 screen ratio doesn’t look weird. The laptop, however, has a slightly lower resolution of 1536 x 1024, but thankfully it doesn’t have a noticeable impact on normal use or video viewing.

It’s worth noting that the screen and bezel are integrated, so the B-side of the computer is a flat surface, leaving room for touch-screen operation. But that, in turn, makes the laptop prone to screen reflections when used outdoors. In addition, the computer has a relatively narrow frame, which makes it visually comfortable and expands the screen’s field of view. But from the point of view of PC products, there is still room for the left and right bezels to continue to narrow down a bit.

Look down and you will see the C side of the computer. This part is also made of aluminum metal shell, just like the shell of The A side, which has been treated accordingly. Therefore, it feels very skin-friendly, and it will not be too cold to use even in winter. The keyboard, trackpad and underside are made of polyester carbonic acid and 30% glass composite material, so they also have a strong skin-friendly feeling and texture. This is very important during the cold winter months.


Easy to use

The significance of the design is not only to improve the appearance level, but also to maintain a comfortable sense of use, to ensure that “easy to use” first then to achieve user “love to use”, which is well reflected on the keyboard.

The Surface Laptop Go keyboard uses composite materials, which are skin-friendly and capture users in touch first. Second, the keyboard has a moderate keystroke, a soft feel, and an obvious rebound, which means that you don’t have to exert too much force to hit the keyboard and can adapt to the habits of more users. Notably, the fingerprint power button is made of glass, which lights up to distinguish the fingerprint. In addition, the power button presses hard, which is designed to avoid touching by mistake, and unlocks fairly quickly.

Unlike other Windows laptops, the Surface Laptop Go can be started on the open cover without pressing the power button alone. Similarly, press the fingerprint power button to directly shut down the machine, switching on and off is convenient and fast. In addition, the laptop can be opened and closed with one hand.

Beyond the keyboard, the trackpad experience is equally impressive. The touch pad feels very similar to the AG glass back cover on the phone. It feels very texturally and damped to a certain extent, ultimately creating a comfort that cannot be described in words. At the same time, gesture recognition is also very smooth, which definitely ranks first in the Windows camp. The buttons under the touchpad are still a little hard to touch, but fortunately they’re easy to press, so the basic feel is guaranteed.

Functionally, the Surface Laptop Go has a USB port, a Type-C port and a 0.14inch headphone jack on the left side. On the right is Microsoft’s iconic Surface Connect charging port, the same type of port used in the power adapter, with a maximum output of 39W. There is a wide variety of interfaces, but if you have a higher demand in this area, it is recommended to purchase a separate docking station.


Easy to carry

One of the main use scenarios of notebook computers is outdoor use, which requires that laptops, especially thin and light products, must have a good balance of weight and measurement data.

The weight of Surface Laptop Go is only 2.2lbs, equivalent to the weight of two bottles of mineral water, which is quite light in today’s thin and light products. Girls like me can hold it in one hand. Measuring 10.95 inches long, 8.09 inches wide and 0.62inch high, the laptop is small enough to fit easily in your backpack.

Overall, the Surface Laptop Go is a very ‘Microsoft-y’ looking computer, small and compact. In addition, the keyboard, trackpad, the bottom of the detailed texture is also really surprising. Like other Surface products, the Surface Laptop Go doesn’t disappoint users, at least in terms of design.


Enough functions to use

Although Surface Laptop Go is inferior to positioning flagship Surface Laptop 3 in terms of performance, its sufficient performance is also sufficient for daily office work, study, light games and simple PS operation.

This notebook still carries 10 generation Intel I5-1035G1 processor, using 10nm process technology, 4 core 8 threads, maximum frequency 3.6ghz, integrated Intel UHD core display, has 4GB+64GB, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB three kinds of memory combination. The one I have is 8GB+256GB. From the point of view of daily use, I recommend you to buy this version, you don’t care too much about the problem of insufficient memory.

According to the actual performance test, single core performance of Surface Laptop Go is 158pts and multi-core performance is 2803pts in The Cinebench R23 for CPU performance testing, which has reached the current mainstream performance level of light and light notebooks, and can quickly handle daily office needs.

In the PCMARK10 office benchmark test, Surface Laptop Go got a comprehensive score of 3280, including 7305 points for common basic functions, 4959 points for productivity and 2646 points for digital content creation. In the extended test of PCMARK10 covering a wide range of tasks, the comprehensive score was 2613, with the above items scoring 7588 points, 5002 points and 2760 points respectively, and the newly added game test items scoring 1205 points. The laptop is good for this part of the game, and can be used for low-profile games as well as daily use.

Surface Laptop Go divers scored 5054 points in A 3DMARK test for 3D graphics rendering. In order to make the score more intuitive, the author also used Lu Master to test Surface Laptop Go. With a comprehensive performance score of 651,408, it can run games like league of legends and DOTA2 smoothly, and can also run drawing software like PS.

In terms of SSD speed, Surface Laptop Go reads 1657.82MB/s in order, writes 500.52MB/s in order, reads 476.21MB/s in 4K64 thread, and reads 661.51MB/s in 4K64 thread. The SSD has a fast reading speed.

Based on the above tests, the Surface Laptop Go performs moderately well and is not suitable for large games with high configuration conditions, heavy graphics rendering tasks, and various programs requiring high performance support. If you have a necessary need for this, the Surface Book 3 and the professional workstation Surface Studio 2 are more suitable. But in contrast, Surface Laptop Go can handle daily office tasks, Internet classes, simple PS and light games.

Make sure you upgrade Windows 10

When you get the Surface Laptop Go, don’t rush to upgrade the system, or you’ll probably have trouble upgrading Windows 10 later.

The laptop comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 S, or Windows 10 Lite. In this system environment, Surface Laptop Go cannot install applications from the Internet, and all programs can only be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. At present, the application on Microsoft Store is not rich enough. In contrast, malicious online apps can’t be installed on the laptop, which is ideal for students or other people who aren’t good at using computers, and parents can better manage their children’s computer use due to limited access to software.

But in the long run, it’s still recommended to upgrade to the full version of Windows 10. Because of the variety of applications that can be used in the process of use, and the full version of the system also has greater freedom. Note that if the Surface Laptop Go exits S mode and upgrades to the full system, there is no way to Go back to S mode. Since this is a one-way operation, make sure you think about it. If you decide to upgrade, go to Settings – activate – click “Go to Microsoft Store”, and then follow the prompts to upgrade.


Write in the last

The Surface Laptop Go is an ordinary Laptop that, despite Microsoft’s special bonus, is still a traditional Laptop, and comes with a few flaws, like a fingerprint power button and a slightly lower resolution for 8GB+128GB versions. At the same time, it’s a laptop full of surprises, with a very “Microsoft” design, a compact body, a nice touch keyboard and trackpad, and enough performance to work with.

The Laptop, like the rest of us at times, has its flaws, but it also has its obvious strengths, and that authenticity is part of the Surface Laptop Go’s appeal.

For the Surface line, the presence of The Surface Laptop Go is undoubtedly a real product line expansion, as it is unprecedented for the Surface line. In addition, Surface Go has been favored by many people previously based on its extremely high portability and exquisite design. However, due to its two-in-one shape, it is doomed to be difficult to be accepted by some users. Today’s Surface Laptop Go, first of all, it is a traditional Laptop model, means that can better fit the user’s habits, develop more and more people, at the same time, with the former portable and design advantages, coupled with a relatively competitive price, this Laptop is expected to Surface and Go, become popular with many customers Laptop products.


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