April 20, 2021


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ThinkBook 14S Core Lightweight Version Review: 11th generation Core Really is Powerful

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For many people, 2020 is definitely not an ordinary year, a lot of working people feel the pressure of work. On the one hand, it is better to keep endless energy which result in having a higher efficiency of work method, and the productivity of a high-performance tool. So, in the choice of notebook, because had the 11th generation of Intel core processors, this year’s lightweight notebook computer both in terms of performance, or the appearance levels and airframe design, function, etc, it has great changes than before. For example, the recently launched ThinkBook 14s core edition, It’s a really good laptop.


  1. Equipped with the all-new Intel 11th generation core processor, with extraordinary performance;
  2. 14-inch FHD ultra-narrow bezel design screen, 100%sRGB high color range, DC dimming and low blue light support;
  3. Lightning 4 interface and WiFi 6 connection support
  4. Backlit keyboard, fingerprint identification, physical switch of camera.
  5. Ultra-long battery life and fast charging technology are supported.


Appearance design

ThinkBook 14s can be more in line with the aesthetic characteristics of young people in terms of appearance design. The fine polished metal body breaks the conventional color contrast design, with simple lines and sharp edges and corners. The whole machine is light to 2.79lbs, thin to 0.58inch, no burden to carry, which makes office for business more relaxed.

In terms of screen, ThinkBook 14s core version adopts the micro border design, with the left and right border only 0.15inch, and the screen accounts for up to 90%. With a larger visual area, it can display more web pages and office documents, thus improving efficiency. In terms of screen quality, this screen adopts 100%sRGB high-gamut-range coverage and DC dimming screen. The screen displays bright colors without flicker. Besides, it is also approved by TUV Rheinland low Blue light certification, which can effectively filter the harmful blue light on the screen, reduce the damage to the eyes caused by the screen, and avoid the visual fatigue brought by long time use.

As people often use computers for work, more people will also pay attention to the privacy leakage brought by the Internet. However, ThinkBook 14s is also equipped with ThinkShutter physical camera switch, which can completely avoid the privacy leakage caused by the camera after each video call.


The ThinkBook 14Ssalso supports a 180° tile design for the screen. You want to share it with a few colleagues, which is much easier than connecting to the projector.

Surface C is also made of metal, with an integrated design and a full-size small keyboard. It can be said that it is the classic product of this series, with excellent tactile sense and hand feeling. It is designed with second-level adjustable backlight, so it can be operated accurately without turning on the light at night. The smooth touch pad is very sensitive and precise in positioning, which can perfectly replace the mouse in mobile office.

The laptop also features a power/fingerprint two-in-one design that allows you to enter your fingerprint when you boot up, making it easier to log into the system and more secure.

Business office, the need for notebook interface is still a lot, such as the connection of external display, external mouse, hard disk, as well as projector and other equipment. If you use adapters or docking stations, it might be more trouble. The new ThinkBook 14S comes with the faster Thunderbolt 4 and full-size HDMI 2.0 ports, plus two USB 3.2Gen1 ports and a 0.14inch headphone/microphone jack that can be extended well enough. In addition, there is WiFi 6 wireless connection, the transmission speed is about three times higher than the previous generation, and the connection is stable, stronger anti-interference.

Overall, the ThinkBook 14s has a youthful look in its exterior design, especially the A-side contrast design. Its simple lines blend well with business situations and also reflect the features of youth and fashion. In addition, the ThinkBook 14s is perfect for a light, thin laptop with a narrow bezel design, a high-color, low-blue screen, and a rich interface.


Hardware: The extraordinary performance of Intel core processors in the 11th generation

The ThinkBook 14s laptop that we review today carries the 11th generation of Intel core i7-1165 – G7 processor, the processor USES 10 nm technology process, 4 core 8 threads, base frequency 2.80 GHz, the largest single frequency up to 4.70 GHz, level 3 12 MB cache, 28 w highest thermal power design, but also integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics 96 (Tiger Lake G7) nuclear show, this generation of processors, not only greatly improve the performance, It also has a significant improvement in battery life. So, in this year Intel introduced the 11th generation core processor, this year’s thin and light can be said to have a great change, extraordinary performance, thin and light and portable, super long battery life, faster response speed and other characteristics.

The CPU-Z benchmark also shows the Core I7-1165G7 processor scoring 587.3 for a single core and 2801.5 for multiple cores on the ThinkBook 14s. This performance is no problem over the i7-7700K processor, which was once the desktop mainstream.

Geekbench 5 is mainly used for special testing of CPU application scenarios, and is also a CPU division device used by many players. The final result was 1576 single-core score and 5877 multi-core score.

In the test of CINEBENCH 20, which mainly detects the rendering calculation performance of CPU, the single-core score is 586pts and the multi-core score is 2377pts. The single-core score is already at the top of the comparison list, which also shows the high-energy performance of core I7-1165G7 processor.

Another well-known fact is that this generation of core processors also incorporates an Intel Xe graphics card, which is clearly the only performance feature on the MX350. Using 3DMark 11 professional mode test, the P7323 score means he can handle office work easily and perform well in some games.

Continue to use 3DMark test, Time Spy score 1779, graphics card scores 1590, CPU score 5511.

Night Raid is a test for products with integrated graphics cards, with a comprehensive score of 17336, 21273 and 8462 CPU. The combination of the 11-generation Core I7-1165G7 processor and the Intel Torch Xe graphics card makes for a very sophisticated, high-performance processor.

Next, let’s look at memory and hard disk performance. This notebook is equipped with 16GB dual-channel LPDDR4-2133 memory, the timing is 20-20-20-64 CR1, we use AIDA64 to test the reading speed, the reading speed reaches 62843MB/s, the writing speed reaches 66868MB/s, the time delay is 56.8ns, the comprehensive performance is quite good, can fully meet the daily multi-task processing, large program loading and other requirements.

Faster solid-state drives have become the current laptop choice, while the ThinkBook 14s comes with a Samsung PCIe NVMe SOLID-state drive with a capacity of 512 GB or a higher version if more capacity is needed.

In the reading and writing speed, the sequential reading speed of this hard disk is as high as 6495.74MB/s, the sequential writing speed is 4868.61MB/s, its performance has reached the flagship level, for the frequent transmission of large file materials and like the collection of games, movies and television users, this speed is simply not too great.

Thanks to the strength of the 11th Generation Intel Core processor and the ThinkBook 14s hardware preference, the ThinkBook 14s achieved a high level of performance in all of these tests. Finally, we used PCMark 10 to conduct a comprehensive test on the productivity application of the whole machine, and the final score reached 4947, among which the score of common basic functions was 9753, including opening applications, browsing web pages, video calling and other contents. Productivity score of 6827, including document editing, table processing, etc., not to mention the application of multi-tasks; Digital content production, mainly including graphic image design, video editing, etc., the final score 4934, which can also be easily dealt with.



ThinkBook 14s is equipped with 56Wh large capacity battery, as well as a smaller and more portable 65W adapter, support fast charging technology, which can be charged to 80% in an hour, easily meet the daily mobile office needs. 10 software we use PCMark office model testing range, systemic for power saving mode, the screen brightness 50%, to close the keyboard backlighting, wireless and Bluetooth open, won nearly 14 hours of battery life. It is visible under the blessing of the new generation core processor.


Evaluation summary and purchase suggestion

As more carrying 11 core processor notebook products listed, we see the sincerity of the Intel slow-released series for many years has finally had a bigger change, whether the performance of the processor itself, or the integration of the cutting torch Xe graphics card, as well as the connection, AI ability show, is with the special performance, therefore, we can say that the spring of lightweight laptops will come again.

As far as the ThinkBook 14s is concerned, its stylish and simple design is more appealing to young people. At the same time, being part of the ThinkPad family, and having good genes after all, the ThinkBook 14s Core still makes a good business impression.

For a productivity tool with a high level of appearance, just go for the ThinkBook 14s.

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