Written by AndrewH

Aside in the usual big names in anime, be it Pokemon or whatever, we don’t get to see much of anime TV series getting their own mobile game spin-off that usually. However, FUNinamtion and GameSamba have teamed up to create a Tokyo Ghoul mobile game.

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime series that came out last year and it has become fairly popular. The show, and also the game, takes place in a fictional Tokyo that is affected by human-looking monsters named Ghouls. The world of humans reside in anxiety about these Ghouls, which survive by feasting on human flesh. In other words they don’t fall not even close to the zombie tree. The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) forces are the only thing that stands between humanity and the Ghouls who hunt them.

The game will focus on the conflict between your humans and the CCG. Once you begin the game, players will need to select a side, whether that function as the CCG or the humans. This choice also help determine which path this conflict will take. Farmville also will include RPG elements as well as action gameplay to partake in.

If you are a fan from the series and want to grab a copy of the game, the Tokyo Ghoul mobile game is going to be launching worldwide on Android (and iOS) at some stage in 2016. There isn’t any specific release date as of yet though, neither is there any pricing information. As more details emerge, we will be posting updates.

Developer Website: GameSamba