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Top Recommended Floor Mopping Robots 2020

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Getting bored of sweeping, mopping the floor and dusting? We live in a complete new era with which floor mopping robots can help to do basically most of the jobs, even when you are not at home. More importantly, we have tested some of the best models so that you can choose the one which is a best fit for you.

For many years, we’ve given a lot promises about automation. Compared to other dull housework, its benefits stand out. Thanks to different models of advanced floor mopping robots, there is no need to dirty your hands to clean the floor anymore.


iRobot Roomba 980

Most of the floor mopping robots aimlessly wander around the room, mindless like zombie running into different furniture. But in the area of intelligent cleaning, iRbot Roomba 980 takes the lead.

With a series of iAdapt 2.0 guiding sensor and vSLAM virtual computer technology, Roomba 980 has impressed users since its release. However, because the robot has too many advanced technologies, for instance, newly added APP on IOS/Android and Wi-Fi connection, the product has higher price than its competitors, which might not suit everyone.

Ready out of the box. Room 980 will be running within several minutes. After plugging in the power cable’s extension of Home Base into the wall, what you need to do is to take off the base of battery insulator and plug protection lid, then press the button of Clean on the top. The robot will start to work instantly.

Press Home button, Roomba 980 will stop all the cleaning tasks, and automatically moves to the charging station, just like following the guiding signals. Besides, it will also do so when the battery is low.

Roomba 980 is the first device which can be connected through applications in smartphones. It is easy to achieve that, applications will exam Wi-Fi connections automatically and ask whether to connect with Roomba. What needs to pay special attention is that it is not instant to send a request to Roomba 980 through smartphones or ipads. In fact, robots behave like a printer in this way. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for task queuing recognition. You might need to repeat the request to gain response, which can only increase tasks in line.

iAdapt 2.0 guiding sensor can make the robot move and clean the whole floor, without bumping into anything or falling from the stairs. Even though it will still run into the wall or furniture, it is quite mild. vSLAM technology reflects the layout of the apartment, memorizes and creates unique virtual landmarks, which helps to trace the existing locations and makes the whole cleaning thing more effective. Instead of breaking into objects, Roomba 980 cleans the obstacles by sweeping around them, which includes chair legs, bicycle wheels and other solid objects it can maintain contact with.

Inside the package, you can also see a virtual wall powered by a pair of batteries. The wall makes Roomba not cross over to certain places like specific rooms or kids entertaining areas.

Roomba 980 excels in sweeping the floor and other tough surfaces. It works even better when it comes to cleaning the carpet. The 3rd generation of electric motors and AeroForce cleaning system can sense the moment when it reaches the carpet. Ten times of power will be added automatically so that all the shades and dirt can be cleaned out on the carpet.

Being fully charged, the robot is able to work continuously for two hours. The robot will go back to its charging station when the dust box is packed.


  1. Automatic navigation and charging
  2. Two-hour battery life
  3. Simple and easy to use APPs
  4. mapping


  1. Application can be slow to respond
  2. Might struggle when meeting cables on the ground


Neato Botvac D7 Connected

A few years ago, it seems like floor mopping robots seemed like a fancy new thing. But it is now definitely a doable family cleaning solution to those with money and time.

Even though there are plenty of choices in the market nowadays, iRobot and Roomba line have the reputation since always. However, it does not mean you should ignore other brands. From our point of view, Neato Botvac D7 is the biggest competitor for Roomba.

Based on the previous design of Botvac Connected, Botvac D7 has been significantly improved in intelligent cleaning. What needs to mention is that the robot won’t cross over the no-go zones, which seems like it is not high-tech. But it is convenient because it can avoid children entertaining and pets’ favorite areas.

Neato is obviously attempting to make the best robots with D7, which is impressive. But the bigger problem is whether it can win over Roomba. To distinguish itself with competitors, Neato insists to use D-shape design. A ten-centimeter spinning brush is installed in front of the device. Its function is similar to traditional vacuum head. There is also a solid plastic bumper, which allows D7 to touch gently unrecognized objects, so that it can create a more complete space vision.

The main past of outer shell is brushed metal plates. This is a huge improvement compared to earlier models. Large panels can be easily lifted, dust box made of transparent plastic can be shown. In this case you know whether it needs to be cleared out or not.

One of our main attention is laser turret-like navigation system. It is also one of the most important features of Botvac Connected. But it usually misjudges its height which causes stuck in the furniture. Even if D7’s height is the same as its predecessor, it can tell correctly and avoid being stuck.

As a device which handles dirt, Neato is clearly aware that Botvac D7 Connected is of high maintenance. In terms of its design, main brush, the secondary bursh and dust box are all easily to be removed, so as to change air filter, which is already provided a spare one inside the package. It is tough and complicated to clean with bare hands. Neato provides a maintaining brush to keep the best condition of the brush head.

The robot offers ECO and Turbo modes. The former type is quieter and light-cleaning, which helps to prolong the battery. The latter mode cleans more thoroughly but has louder noise.

When vacuuming manually, you can leave a separate area. But you have to set up the temporary obstacles for floor mopping robots. Manufactures makes it achievable by using some tactics. Neato has advanced tech in this, you only need to draw a line on your phone APP. Another cool feature is manual mode, which allows you to use APP to control D7, just like controlling a remoted-control toy car. Besides, D7 has the option of on-site cleaning. It will start to clean the area of 7 square inches (0.65 square meters) from where you drop it.

It is important to note that you need to start from the charging station if you want to use mapping function. Once it is cleaned, or has low battery, it will start over from where it begins.

We liked a lot about this device. It is designed delicately and easy to use. What’s more important its superb cleaning functions. The restricted area line might be one of the most prominent features. Based on industry-leading graphics and obstacle avoidance intelligence, D7 will be an outstanding product.


  1. Fashionable design
  2. Excellent cleaning
  3. Industry-leading graphics and obstacle avoidance intelligence


  1. Expensive
  2. Small dust collecting box


Ecovac Deebot N79S

Daily household cleaning is a painful job, but handhold vacuum (such as the new type Dyson V10) has been great. But most of the robots have one thing in common: humans are involved. This is how sweeper goes.

Many devices (such as wireless router, smart TVs and speakers) has integrated the lastest cirteria for smart homes. But until recently, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant started to show up in the market. Ecovacs Robotics Deebot N79S is one of them. Integrated with Alexa, it can be controlled through applications in IOS/Android. It can also run well under special circumstances.

At first glance, Deebot N79S does not seems special. Especially when you are used to shining and futuristic appliances. It does not mean the robot is ugly, instead, it is really pretty. It might not be what people think when they associate the look with the word robot.

The front of the device is a series of sensors and guards designed to deal with collisions with walls. There is a button at the top which allows you to put the vacuum in automatic mode. In this case, the robot will wander around in the room. There are two side brushes at the bottom. They help to brush dirt and dust into the box. Side brushes suit hard ground or short carpet only. Because they might bend working on a long carpet.

The vacuum comes with a remote. You might don’t need it considering that it can be controlled through a phone. However, the remote is easy to use. You can use it manually to control the vacuum or set it to a specific mode. We found out that the vacuum is more responsive to the remote control than to applications.

Generally speaking, floor mopping robots can do it job perfectly well. But it does not mean you have nothing to do with cleaning. Even though N79S is quite good at cleaning the carpet. It is still not easy to keep itself clean. Bottom roller needs to be cleaned frequently as well as the dust box.

Another problem we might have is vacuum doesn’t always avoid trouble. For example, it can move easily from furniture to furniture. But for some low-height furniture, the robot might get stuck. You will need to rescue the robot, which means you will find it trapped under a piece of furniture when you come back and leave it working at home.

Despite this problem, Deebot N79S works quite well when it is not trapped. Although it has no deep cleaning function, it is good at picking up most dirt and dust in short carpet or hard ground. It does a good job in foundation cleaning.

Perhaps the best reason to buy this robot is you can use the commands like below when working with Alexa:

Alexa, ask Deebot to start cleaning

Alexa, ask Deebot to start charging

During the testing, the vacuum can respond immediately. The only downside is that it doesn’t work with other smart home systems. And if you use Google Assistant (instead of Amazon Alexa), Deebot N79S won’t be able to respond to voice commands. In addition, the vacuum is not suitable for Samsung SmartThing, Wink, Homekit or Nest.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Work perfectly well with Amazon Alexa
  3. Simple and concise APP


  1. Cleaning not thoroughly
  2. Not compatible with many smart appliances


Eufy RoboVac 11

Well-known brands such as Dyson and Roomba has become synonymous for automated cleaning machines. But this experience is always expensive and overpriced for average users.

Now we see more affordable robots coming out, which works well in cleaning with average prices. One of the challengers is Eufy, a sub-brand of battery tech company Anker, which has launched RoboVac 11. Does the price-satisfying vaccum can equal the job?

It is hard to get excited by the look of Eufy RoboVac11, but it is quite practical and won’t take up too much space. Like many other robots, there is a bumper in front of Eufy’s circular design. So, it won’t damage your furniture, and more importantly, your household items.

The vacuum has an attractive and reflective top case with Eufy’s logo and a bold main power button. You can press to start the self-cleaning mode. But in most cases, you probably won’t do that. You will only find it useful when you can’t find the remote.

This is not a lightweight object, it can be unencumbered by floor dividers, so it can easily move from one surface to another. One of the unique selling point is its thin body which allows movement among sofas and office desks, which broads the area that be swept.

Emptying the dust box is a simple process. You should teach all the family members so that you don’t have to be the only one who maintains the vacuum. The easiest way is to flip the RoboVac 11 over and hold down the handle to pull out the dust box.

The roller brush at the bottom of vacuum usually gets clogged by fallen hair or other small items. But they can be easily removed by pulling on the yellow hook at the bottom. We found out we have to do this a lot during the test.

Eufy has reasonable design, affordable price and well performed in cleaning. You might reckon these instructions are quite obvious. But it worth noting that RoboVac11 may have limit usage when you live on more than one floor. It can cross gaps and bumps in the floor but it cannot climb up stairs to clean other floors.

The 90-minute full battery might not compete with some top models. But you will be satisfied as long as you don’t live in a giant condo. Besides, it takes 2-3hrs to get fully charged.

Unlike many competitors, there is no mobile application. Which means you cannot trace the location of the robot, you can’t run it outdoors either. But as a trade-off, Eufy is way cheaper than other smart products. It might not be a good fit if you want to pay for this function.

RoboVac 11 lacks many high-end features, for instance, room mapping, applications integrations or glamorous look. It might not provide the most efficient cleaning for your home either. However, if you want to save some money, it is a good choice as a tool of cleaning.


  1. Cheap
  2. Simple maintenance
  3. Abundant cleaning settings


  1. No matching mobile APP
  2. A remote control is a must


Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930

Small robots which run on rollers have come a long way since its debut in the late 1990s. there is no need to be wheeled around by human hands.

All the latest come with a Wi-Fi connection. So, it is easy to control with matching APPs and even set up cleaning tasks several days ahead of time.

It is admitted that suction of floor sweeping robots is not as good as standard wired vacuum, mainly due to the limitations of physical sizes and battery power. However, some models (like Electrolux Pure i9) is powerful enough to perform a thorough cleaning.

While some products have enough power to perform effective cleaning, most of them can only satisfy half of the household cleaning needs because their incapability of mopping. That’s why we will need Deebot Ozmo 930, which can switch between vacuuming and mopping. As the most up-to-date model of Ecovacs Robotics, it has multiple functions just like you expect.

Compared to its opponents, Ozmo 930 is competitive in price, especially given its ability to both vacuuming and mopping. By contrast, other flagship products of iRobot are not equipped with the function of mopping., while the powerful Electrolux Pure i9 which is equipped with the function has such a low price.

If first impression really matters, opening the package is good enough to satisfy you. The cardboard boxes are divided into neat compartments where all the accessories and robot body pieces are placed. Also, each compartment is graphically marked so you can find everything at once.

Deebot is the same size like other round shaped robots, with a height of 10.2cm, a diameter of 35.4cm and a weight of 4.6kg. The only drawback is it can only cross a threshold of 10mm. For comparison, Electrolux Pure i9 can cross obstacles up to 22mm.

Ready out of the box, Ozmo will first need to be charged, which can take up to 4hrs, depending on the amount of power left. The charging seat should be placed in an open area with half a meter of free space on both sides and about a meter in front. You can download Ecovacs APP in IOS/Android when the robot is being charged, which will guide you later to home Wi-Fi connections.

While not comparable to wired vacuum cleaners or even Electrolux Pure i9, Deebot Ozmo 930 has enough suction to clean efficiently, especially on hard floors. Moreover, the first run is good enough for the robot to map almost completely the whole test space.

In theory, a Deebot can combine vacuuming and mopping at the same time. The particular cleaning kit is completely separate. Once it detects the water tank is not empty, it thinks you want to mop the floor. However, you still need to connect the pallet to the bottom of the mop, which will prevent the Deebot from moving across the carpet. What’s reassuring is no matter what kind of cleaning Deebot does, it always keeps quiet. You can watch TV without being interrupted by Ozmo 930.

The second biggest selling point is the integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you have a smart speaker like Google Assistant or Amazon Echo, you can command like below:

Alexa, ask Deebot to start cleaning

Alexa, ask Deebot to start charging

There’s not much wrong with this small device. It does quite well in vacuuming, soaking up water and mowed the floor. Ecovas does a great job in both software and hardware. If there is a way to increase the suction, Deebot Ozmo 930 will be the perfect help. On top of that, remote control and intelligent voice system make it worth every penny you spend.


  1. Sweeping and mopping the floor
  2. Excellent mobile APPs
  3. Almost perfect family mopping
  4. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are enabled


  1. Cannot climb over threshold
  2. Mopping technique imperfection
  3. Need 3-4hrs to be fully charged


Shark ION Robot 750

We’ve been testing the Shark ION Robot 750 for some time. We’ve been impressed by its powerful suction and drawing techniques. Just when we thought the robot is going to hit the furniture, it will turn over and keep moving.

Robot 750 works well both on hard floor and thin carpet. It might struggle a little on some thick carpets. Most importantly, it carried its cleaning duties well. Your floor will look brand new after all the cleaning work has been done.

Compared to other robots that we tested, Robot 750 is quieter. Its buzz often disappears into the background as we focus on doing other housework.

The only drawback is we hope for a bigger dust box. If we have some pets at home, it only takes 12 minutes to pack the box. But if the floor is not as dirty as ours, the dust box is the right size.

Not only does the robot cleans well, it also looks pretty. Shark ION Robot 750 is an unique piece of work, APPs are easy to use. It also provides the kind of home controlling that everyone wants.


  1. Doesn’t bump into furniture
  2. Intuitive and easy to use APPs
  3. Good at cleaning dense areas
  4. Google Assistant and Amazon Alex are enabled


  1. Not good at picking up pet hair or tiny items
  2. Moves too random to do a thorough cleaning job
  3. Small dust box

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