Written by AndrewH

There are plenty of sports games out there, from football to hockey, baseball to anything you can come up with. Sport shooting, however, doesn’t have that many games out and of the titles that do exist, about 50 % are based around real life sport. Shooting World Cup will be one of those real world style games.

The developers behind farmville are aiming to get it as close to real sports shooting as possible using the gameplay. Visually, the game actually includes a rather unique turn to it, with a few rather neat 3D visuals. Individuals behind the sport even spoke with former real sport shooters to ensure the gameplay was near to the real thing.

While there’s no lot of details available right now, we do know that Shooting World Cup will have monthly worldwide tournaments on top of the normal gameplay. Outside of the tournaments, players will be able to hone their shooting skills having a variety of trials that they’ll complete. There will also be full customization of the player, their outfit, and their weapons.

Shooting World Cup is slated for release onto Android and iOS, although no specific release date continues to be announced. The same goes for pricing as well. In the meantime, you should check out the brand new official trailer within the video above.