Written by Jaymes Carter

Space Rhino Games was made in 2013. The founders, Michael Hoyos and Alfonso Frontera, from the beginning, made a decision to create games for multiple platforms. Their first game, Breach TD was recently released on iOS. The good news is the game will be making its way to Android very soon. Forget tower defense games you may already know it. Breach TD blends tower defense and real-time strategy gaming, to make a beautiful splash in the world of mobile gaming.

[UPDATE: August 24th, 3:38 ?AM, PST] We reported a few months back on Breach TD, a cutting-edge looking tower defense game. It looks like Space Rhino games is getting closer to releasing it. Last week on their FaceBook page, a phone call went to interested gamers. If you are keen on tower defense games, and interested in Breach TD in general, the hyperlink to sign-up for the beta is below. We have gotten into the beta already and have been trying it out. It is really an intriguing tower defense game. The graphics look wonderful and the story and gameplay are top notch, and unique. If you wish to give it a try, hit the link below. There’s no release date for the game that we understand of at this time, however when we discover out, we will inform you.

These days, anytime you see TD (tower defense) in a gaming title, it is pretty much met having a shrug. Many people think more of the same once they see a new tower defense game within the Google Play Store. Not too tower defense games can’t be fun, but the genre has a plethora of games available, and many don’t vary in game play design or stretch the concept much. Breach TD aims to change that by adding a real-time strategy element towards the game, that is bolstered with a great narrative, online play, unique characters, and graphics that take advantage of your latest Android hardware.

“Breach TD is really a competitive, team-based multiplayer, cross-platform strategy game that fuses tower defense elements using the fast-paced nature of the RTS. Two rival teams clash in a fight for survival against the VOID, where players choose 4 from an ever-expanding roster of powerful Guardians to consider towards the front lines in an action-packed ?3v3 complement.” – Space Rhino Games


– Master the evolution of TD, with competitive MOBA and RTS elements which will keep you entertained on each and every match.
– Team vs. Team Battles
– Fight together against the void, and push them away to the enemy team.
– Cross-Platform Matchmaking: Enjoy playing the sport with Android or iOS device that you pick. PC coming soon.
– Tactics based combat: Organize your strategy prior to going in to the game and carry on with it together with your Guardians and Relics of your choosing.
– Completely Free-to-Play

Space Rhino Games has released a trailer, and the action looks really good. If you like doing offers competitively online, this just may be what you are looking for. The sport arrived on the scene today on iOS, and someone posted a question about the availability for Android on Space Rhino’s Facebook page. Space Rhino Games replied, “Breach TD is going to be readily available for Android within the next coming weeks.” Another poster said, “Don’t forget Android.” ‘to which Space Rhino Games replied, “We won’t be forgetting Android – its coming in the following few weeks!” So, we have the term from the game producers… Breach TD obtained care of to Android. We will have more information because this story continues to develop. After we have an update around the actual release date, or anything new, we will update this short article for you personally.

I am looking forward to this game. It looks extremely intriguing, and blends to genres of action which i enjoy. Take a look at a clip and tell us what you believe. TD done right? We only have a couple weeks to wait to determine and that is a positive thing.

Official Website:?Breach TD

Breach TD Beta:?Breach TD Beta Sign-up