Written by Ryan Ballard

To launch by Likuco, Blockodile is a simple swiping game set hitting Google Play within fourteen days. The premise from the game is straightforward: a crocodile has escaped its cage, and is hiding atop a tower it has generated. Players want to retrieve the crocodile and return it to the cage, by swiping away the blocks that were accustomed to assemble the tower to begin with.

Update: Sept. 2nd, 2015 6:36am PST: We just heard back from the developer about pricing for Blockodile. Here is what he said concerning the game’s monetization: “[The game will be] freemium – free to download but funded by adverts around the menu screen, reward videos between levels and optional in-app purchases, although those aren’t required to complete the game”. So there you have it.

This will cause the crocodile to gradually change from the top of the tower/screen, towards its cage in the very bottom. Players will have to be conscious of both clock (can’t let time expire), in addition to monsters that are in the towers and must be ignored; they’d include killer plants, hippos, and electrocuting spikes, among others.

Blockodile is placed to produce on September 14th, without any word yet on pricing though. We will update as we have it. In the meantime, you should check out the sport via the official trailer below.