Written by Ryan Ballard

Released by Red Magnet Studios, Blast Force is really a shmup that’s been released on Google Play. Players assume the role of the unnamed security guard of sorts, who works at a large robotics facility. The facility is managed by a system of artificial intelligence which goes rogue.

Update: Sept. 15th, 2015 9:28am PST: Just a fast update regarding controller support. For those of you wondering, controller support is planned but it will be added in an update after release in the near future.

With the AI going rogue, it turns the machines toward the goal of creating a machine empire at the expense of humanity. Players will run, shoot, jump, and fly their way through 33 pattern-based levels. Weapons are upgradable, new suits can be purchased, and medals can be earned.

Blast Force Features:

? A shoot’em up mixed with run and jump style gameplay!
? Simple two touch controls that’s simple to learn, difficult to master.
? Run, jump, fly and shoot your way to the evil boss.
? Expect endless hours of gameplay through 30+ challenging levels.
? Change your weapons to insane proportions.
? Visit a variety of environments and enemies.
? Earn medals and unlock new suits.

Blast Force is available from Google Play for a flat $1.99 without any IAPs either. You can observe the sport in action through the trailer below.

Blast Force (Playboard) | Blast Force (Play Store)