Written by Ryan Ballard

Release by Whootgames, Random Fighters is a new fighter/puzzler hybrid that’s now globally readily available for Android. In Random Fighters, players will select their champion and enter battle against other fighter, with a conventional 2D perspective, with heavily pixelated graphics.

Being a hybrid, players won’t need to master combos on using virtual buttons and joysticks, but look for to complement 3 or even more symbols onna five by five grid, that the player’s fighter then executes. Players can change the stats of the fighters, and compete either in the storyline mode alone, or any other players within the online mode.

Random Fighters Features:

Thrilling puzzle battles with classic Battleship-like turn based action.
Single player story mode with several amazing pixel-art scenarios to battle in.
Ever wondered how many fighters you can take in a row? Check it out in the Survival mode!.
Online mode with worldwide leaderboards.
Earn teeth defeating your competitors and spend these to improve your character.
Character customization system with skins and much more content prepared to come.
Achievements and world leaderboards.

Random Fighters has become available from Google Play for free with optional IAPs with you. Like usualy, you should check out the game in action using the trailer below.

Random Fighter (Playboard) | Random Fighter (Play Store)