Written by Ryan Ballard

Set to produce next year, Pokmon Go may be the latest mobile release for that gaming franchise. Pokmon Go may be the creation of a collaborative effort between The Pokmon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic (the makers of Ingress). Within the game, players are looking to venture out in to the real world to catch, trade, or battle their Pokmon (much like how Ingress works).

In addition to the sport, there will be a Bluetooth accessory available called Pokmon Go Plus. The Plus, which is a teardrop shaped Pokball (could be worn as a wirstband as well), can do such things as alert players by vibrating and lighting up when a Pokmon is nearby. It also has a single button, allowing players to press said button to perform in-game actions faster, such as catching a Pokmon based in the wild. Obviously the Pokball is going to be made to pair with smartphones.

There wasn’t any mention of pricing at this time, nor a release date any more specific than 2016. As you may know more, we’ll update. Meanwhile, you should check out the Pokemon GO teaser trailer below.