April 19, 2021


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Versatile Head-mounted Display: GOOVIS G2X Head-mounted Cinema

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Wearing a display device in not long ago was still something a novelty. During my early exposure to the mechanical equipment, it starts from the handset VR glasses. With low cost and direct put in mobile phone, through the App adapter we can watch movies, VR panoramic video, 3D sources, and even some simple games to play. But it is limited experience, then I obtained a set of professional VR devices, but because of the limitations of space at my home, I soon just gave it up, but the experience of these facilities, there are two common shortcomings of display resolution can’t keep up with. One is when viewing the screen window effect obvious, and the other is when viewing angle is not big enough. These two factors severely reduce the immersive viewing. This time I am lucky to test GOOVIS G2X and experience about its 4K viewing quality, HD resolution, which changed my stereotypes of low display pixels. Besides, small fuselage, humanized diopter adjustment as well as no small field of view angle, comprehensive experience is good, let’s start sharing now.

Appearance and accessories

Open the packing cases first see is an elliptic shell to receive packages, presumably a display is put on the inside. But what surprises me is that the package volume is small, which is smaller than display devices I used to buy. Also, the weight of it is not big, which means the display is a light inside.

Originally the volume is small is because its folding design, because it can be folded to receive that part of the forehead and wearing way adopted elastic material, so the back can be folded, which greatly saves space. At the same time of woven material elastic don’t like many devices that hard over the feeling of the head. It is comfort and is good as well.

Take out the accessories in the packing case and first count them, including: a head-mounted display, a matching control box, head elastic band and extension accessories, an HDMI belt power adapter, a charging cable and a manual.

Here control box needs to be purchased additionally. Control box can be used independently, can even as TV box, HDMI connector with power supply is used to connect to the front end of the use of other video output, because some of the video output front-end HDMI interface does not have power supply function, which needs to connect the USB to provide additional power supply to head to work properly.

Wearing a part of the GOOVIS G2X design is full sense of science and technology, the design of the strip and robocop glasses, which looks cool. The front part uses the light side panel, which promotes the overall sense. In the middle of the GOOVIS is the backlit Logo. After startup backlight lamp will light up breath, is inherently cool appearance, add lighting effects the pluses, for the atmosphere of the build is OK.

Wearing and adjusting

Video line is the integration of the GOOVIS G2X, receive cannot be pulled out, and wore an elastic is removable design. So, the elastic can be replaced or cleaning after using it for some time when it’s getting dirty. Unfold the forehead before using it. The front panel uses shiny materials while the other part is matte. Forehead and the connection part of the fuselage is a hollow shaft, also did matte processing, the surface have metallic luster.

The inner side of the forehead support is a thick sponge cushion. The outer side of the sponge cushion is wrapped with soft cloth, which can stick to people’s forehead for a long time without the sticky feeling even if they sweat. Moreover, this sponge cushion is detachable and pasted with Velcro, which can be removed and cleaned permanently to maintain hygiene.

The same design is also around the eye socket. A ring of sponge pad of the same material is also a detachable way of Velcro. The sponge pad is of large thickness and filled with abundant sponge, which can provide the most support when worn.

To install it before I can wear elastic, elastic is installed in the left and right side of the forehead, the elasticity of the elastic medium, will not be hooped inflicts on the first feeling, at the same time around the wear mode does not affect the hair, ever wore a display will be supporting belt. The ring wearing will not affect the hair style, it is also a good thing for people who care about their hair style a lot.

The weight of the head display part is about 0.44 pound, and there is no obvious weight bearing feeling after wearing it. Although the left and right sides are covered with cloth binding bands, and the tightness is not particularly large, the head display does not feel falling down. Compared with the previous head-mounted display equipment, the weight of 0.44 pound is really on the scale of feather.

And one point of the design is very nice, that is, after wearing the GOOVIS G2X, you can turn it up at any time to see the surrounding situation, it is very convenient to see the experience around without taking it off.

Experience before many of VR, AR, head device, but most have a common pain points, that is does not support the machine’s own diopter adjustment, which means players need extra match with a pair of glasses and its adaptation degree of the lens to use properly, and if wears glasses to use your comfort level will sell at a discount greatly, and the GOOVIS G2X hyperopia support 300 ° to 800 ° myopic diopter adjustment, at the same time support the 2.2 ~ 2.83 inches distance adjustment, adjustable diopter configuration is very convenient, myopia hyperopia users can buy lenses don’t have to wear glasses or additional use directly.

By rotating the two knobs at the bottom to adjust the diopter and sliding the two knobs to adjust the distance between the eyes, there will be an interface for adjusting the display effect after each boot. It only takes a few seconds to adjust to the clearest picture, and then it will be put into formal use, which can ensure the user to experience the clearest picture.

Because of the small body size, wearing a cinema can cooperate HiFi wearing headphones to use, even the big headphone, both can be easily worn at the same time, support Bluetooth connection and control box end, can be connected to the Bluetooth headset to use to carry out the journey. It is very convenient and can also can be a carry private cinema, wearing a monitor client is not the speaker, to think is private property, when using, also won’t affect the people around you.

Systems and Controls

The most basic way to use the GOOVIS G2X is to connect to its supporting front box, a separate box called D3, officially called the Mobile Media Player, which is simply a hand-held TV box that can be used directly with a monitor with an HDMI interface.

Box built-in 32 GB capacity, can cooperate extend TF card to use, built-in memory can install some common App, keep the films, photographs, and other documents in the extended memory may at any time to play, box using customized Android control system, and is equipped with the expansion of the rich interface, HDMI output interface, the Type-C and USB data interface, can connect more equipment to use.

The box has a built-in 8000mAh battery, which can provide more than 5 hours of continuous movie-watching time, which can meet the needs of going out or daily movie-watching.

Control box control button uses the symmetrical design mode, after wearing a display is can’t see the control button, but the layout of the simple, which allows users to quickly find need keys. In addition, the button panel below the blue areas are touch area of the flying mouse, fingers on the sliding surface can be used to simulate the operation of mobile phone touch screen, and also can be used as a laptop touchpad, through gestures to simulate the mouse buttons and rolling operation.

Box using the control system based on the Android customized, adopts modular distribution method, distinguish between several commonly used blocks, online video, local video, file management, fast Settings, such as simple clean home page interface, give a person a kind of relaxed sense after startup to quickly enter the want.

The system comes with its own App market, so you can find a large number of apps related to entertainment, audio, video and learning. You can also find apps related to children’s online lessons. It is believed that using such head-mounted devices to let children have online lessons can further enhance their interest in learning.

Cinema and entertainment

Familiar with the use of the GOOVIS G2X, our practical experience of viewing the effect of it, the optical module is made up by 12 pieces of precision optical lenses, can simulate 20 meters distances of 800 inches screen viewing effect, optical lens group and general VR display no, it isn’t simple convex lens optical module, so the actual viewing distortion is smaller.

Experience the first to use the built-in box “cloud audio-visual aurora” is the current mainstream video App, there are a huge number of online resources, there are a number of 4K resources, the eyes of the screen resolution is 1920 * 1080 x2, reach the resolution of 4K, screen producer prices for 3147, PPD to 42, use it for the first time movie toppled right before I wear the old display impression, amazing and resolution will be so good, I can have full of pixels high particles, used before wearing “screen” effect of display devices simply does not exist.

Moreover, the field of view angle reaches 53° and the distortion is controlled within the range of less than 1.5%, so the prying sense of watching the film no longer exists. The reason for the large field of view angle is that the sense of stillness is very good, which makes you feel like actually sitting in the cinema watching the film.

In addition to supporting 4K video playback, it also supports 3D video source playback. By pressing the 2D/3D conversion button at the bottom of the display, the playback mode can be changed. It is simple and convenient to use, and no box is needed to operate the video mode switch.

In addition to the use of simple viewing box, GOOVIS G2X is able to connect to the game host, immersive gaming experience, are playing a game of NS recently, but the handheld screen co., LTD., to play for a long time the neck can get sore, holding it also makes your arms sore.

And my personal favorite part of this experience is that it can connect drones, experience flying for the first point of view, and there are two kinds of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) connection or way, the first is through the USB interface connected to the remote control box, let box to replace the original mobile phone use, the box can download good unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control App in advance, and then directly use the touchpad box to operate, it is intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) their operators to use.

Another way is through the phone’s screen projection software, which connects the phone’s images to a hot spot and directly mirrors them in a headband theater, so that the drone operator can share the view of the flight with friends nearby.

The first-person flying experience is fresh and exciting, the illusion of sitting in a drone, coupled with a good sense of immersion, makes the immersive experience addictive.

People who often using unmanned aerial vehicle video friends will have the experience, when doing outdoor shooting video, mobile phone screen brightness and size is limited, not good framing, confirming the effect of the material is OK, so later there will be a lot of waste, a waste of time for the photographer, using GOOVIS G2X directly watched 800-inch giant preview, framing effect is greatly increased, the outdoor sunlight intense environment also have no effect.

In addition to connecting to drones and DJI mech masters, the ground vehicle experience is immersive from the first perspective, and the immersive experience of fighting with others is better than looking at the phone screen.

The connecting way of diversity, let the core visual G2X wore a theater entertainment performance is very good, the expansion of the other more users daily connection mode are also easy to use, such as expanded memory, reserved for the rich interface, not only can be extended by the TF card memory, you can also play in the hard disk directly into mobile hard disk video resources.

A computer can also be used as a head-mounted display. Working for a long time is not friendly to cervical vertebra. If such a head-mounted display is used, it will be much easier to work on the back of a chair.

There are more user-friendly design details, such as the proximity sensor. When the head-mounted display is removed, it will recognize when it leaves the face, and the inside screen will automatically shut off. It will enter energy saving mode, and the re-worn screen will automatically light up, saving unnecessary power loss.

Experience summary

This is the end of the experience sharing of GOOVIS G2X. Let’s summarize our feelings:

First of all, the appearance design with a sense of science and technology, as well as the lightweight wearing experience, gives people an excellent first use experience.

12 pieces of precision optical lens, 4K resolution, 800-inch giant screen without pixel particle sense, the resolution is one of the first two mechanical experience of the head display equipment;

Support the playback of 3D film sources, which is more immersive;

The viewing angle is large, and the prying sense of head-mounted equipment is almost impossible to feel.

The supporting control box has powerful functions and strong expansibility. It can connect and extend a variety of devices.

Humanized diopter adjustment, pupil distance adjustment, suitable for people who have poor eyesight.

Although some Velcro stickers on the head are convenient to use, they can be optimized during the wearing process, so that the wearing experience will be better. It is a pity that VR panoramic video is not supported. We hope that more comprehensive functions can be experienced in subsequent upgrades.

The above is the whole experience of this experience, and finally, thank you again for the opportunity of evaluation.

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