March 4, 2021

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Vivo X60 Pro Review: The Charm of Zeiss Optical Lens

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Flagship new product that was snapped up by consumers

In the circle of photography enthusiasts, if speaking of Zeiss lens, absolutely everyone knows about it. As a world-renowned optical giant, Zeiss has designed one classic lens after another, and its superb performance has impressed many rigorous photographers, while establishing itself as an undoubted authority in the field of professional photography.

In the past, when people went out to shoot, they often had to carry “long guns” such as SLR cameras and lenses, or at least a micro device. However, with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, smart phones are not only light and portable, but also move at a speed leap forward in performance in photography. A growing number of photography enthusiasts chose to leave SLR camera at home, instead , they start to use mobile phones as the most important personal photographic equipment (including myself).

At the end of 2020, Vivo, which has always been a pioneer in photography, officially announced its cooperation with Zeiss and launched X60 series of flagship video mobile phones with Zeiss lens, which has aroused widespread attention of people in the industry and photography enthusiasts. On January 8, 2021, the day Vivo X60 series was officially launched for sale, it triggered a buying boom and won many sales titles such as Mobile Phone Sales & Sales Champion.

What is the charm of Vivo X60 series? Why is it snapped up by so many consumers? Through the review to this flagship model of the evaluation experience, I believe readers will find it not difficult to figure out the answer to the problem.


“The world’s thinnest 5G phone”

It should be noted that there are currently four Vivo X60 series products, among which Vivo X60 has three different configuration versions of 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB and 12GB+256GB, and the price is 539, 589 and 619 dollars respectively. Vivo X60 Pro only has a configuration version of 12GB+256GB, the reference price is 699 dollars. This evaluation is the configuration of the most high-end Vivo X60 PRO.

First let’s take a look at what Vivo X60 Pro looks like. Vivo has always been a virtue in the product design aesthetics, the X60 X series also followed a series of products has always been the aesthetic characteristics of “thin for beauty”, the 0.29inch slim body is the interest of science and technology recently new varieties the thinnest one, on mobile phones in hand grip feel is significantly more than any other in the mobile phone is more thin, another vivo X60 fuselage thickness is only 0.28inch, it seems the “world’s most thin 5G phones” gain its reputation.

In terms of appearance color matching, X60 series has three color matching, namely Force, Camouflage and Glimmer, taking vigorous and upward recovery as the theme. But the relatively high-end Vivo X60 Pro only comes in Force and Camouflage.

The Vivo X60 Pro has a 6.56-inch AMOLED screen and supports a 120Hz refresh rate, which is good for reducing image blur, and a 240Hz touch sampling rate, which is good for shortening screen touch time and giving users a head start on FPS games. It is also worth mentioning that in audio, Vivo X60 Pro is also equipped with CS43131 professional Hi-Fi chip, and in the subsequent audio and video playback and game experience, Vivo X60 Pro’s excellent performance also left us a very deep impression.


Unusual flagship phone

After understanding the external appearance level of vivo X60 PRO, we will explore the connotation of this product. But Vivo’s X60 Pro has a distinct chip and operating system when compared to other flagship phones released around the same time, which are almost exclusively powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

Many previous readers will remember that when Samsung’s flagship Exynos 1080 chip with 5nm manufacturing process was released, we had a detailed report on it. At the time, the Samsung Exynos 1080 was highly anticipated by many consumers due to its advanced manufacturing technology and powerful computing capabilities. And Vivo X60 full series of mobile phones carrying, it is the flagship mobile processor. The subsequent test sessions also proved that Samsung Exynos 1080’s 5nm manufacturing process and the “dual 78” architecture of the Cortex-A78 CPU plus the Mali-G78 GPU performed well in all the tests.

Any reader who follows the mobile market will have heard of the new operating system OriginOS, which Vivo is working on. Is it any surprise that Vivo’s X60 series is one of the first models to use OriginOS? Quite surprised right?

As Vivo’s polished new operating system, OriginOS is a completely new experience. First of all, after the boot, unique “Huarong grid” is a bright. In the process of detailed experience, OriginOS is more simple style, more convenient design, more smooth experience, people are unable to put down, no wonder even mainstream media platform has named it thumb up.

After boot, open the memory and storage space, you can see that the operating memory marked by the system is “12+3GB”, which is 3GB more than the nominal 12GB. And this good thing? It turns out that Vivo adopted the memory fusion technology, which can optimize the RAM operation and ROM flash storage of the phone through algorithm fusion, and call part of the idle ROM space for RAM operation, so that the phone is smoother when running a number of applications at the same time.

Many readers who like techniques must be very concerned about vivo X60 PRO running scores. Viewed from the latest version of AnTutu’s run test, Vivo X60 Pro scored more than 600,000 points in the review, making it the first camp of flagship phones without any doubt. As a careful reader may have noticed, the memory test scores are well ahead of 94% of users, which shows the effect of memory fusion technology.


Image flagship itself

When reviewing and experiencing the Vivo X60 Pro, because Vivo and Zeiss are the biggest selling point of this product, so I specially extracts from the video section of the review and experiencing section and presents it to you as a separate chapter.

As a product of Vivo and Zeiss, the Vivo X60 Pro rear camera includes four sets of optical lenses: a 48-megapixel micropan-head main lens, a 13-megapixel wide-angle macro lens, a 13-megapixel 50mm professional portrait lens, and an 8-megapixel 5x periscopic head (with 60-x super zoom), which is an amazing sight. In addition, Vivo X60 Pro also offers a 32-megapixel front-facing camera, enough to satisfy the needs of many selfie fans.

In short, whether it is day or night, whether it is the top of the mountain or the seaside, whether it is the old or the children, you can use VIVO X60 PRO to shoot one beautiful picture after another, recording the wonderful life scene after scene.

In fact, the first time I got Vivo X60 Pro. We were so eager to use it to photograph the night scene outside the window that we even forgot to synchronize the phone system time. However, through this time watermark, we can also find that the cooperation between Vivo and Zeiss has been implemented as early as half a year ago.

It is important to note that the shooting time of night scene at that time was already in the middle of the night, the road can almost be said to be invisible, a few wisps of dim lights from the corridor through the fundamentally useless. Typically, a mobile phone trying to take a picture of a building in such an environment can only pick up blurry outlines of the building and lots of noise. However, to my surprise, Vivo X60 PRO actually put the naked eye looks like black lacquer hemp black night shot out of the bright lights effect. The 60-x Ultra Zoom also allows you to zoom in and out as much as you want. The Zeiss professional lens lives up to its reputation!

After seeing how Vivo X60 Pro works in night shots, let’s take a look at how it works in everyday situations. The hand-made flower that casually patted desktop, the void effect of depth of field also lets a person feel pleasing to the eye.

Get up close to the handmade flowers and try to shoot the macro effect. It seems that the macro lens can handle this kind of shooting very easily.


Game experience and battery life

In terms of entertainment experiences, games are a daily necessity for many mobile users, in addition to taking photos. As mentioned earlier, the Vivo X60 series supports a 120Hz screen refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sample rate, which is clearly meant to accommodate the player experience.

In the game experience section, we tried some popular mobile games such as Glory of King and PUBG to test the performance of Vivo X60 Pro in the game. As a result, even after a long period of continuous play, the Vivo X60 Pro is only warm. It is not clear whether this is due to Samsung’s advanced 5nm manufacturing technology, and the 120Hz screen refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate also provide a great game experience.

One of the drawbacks of continuous gaming is the rapid drain on your phone’s battery. But Vivo X60 Pro, in addition to its 4200mAh battery, also supports a 3W flash charge. This allows players to quickly “regenerate” their way back to the battlefield after a long period of play.


Review experience: a photography flagship worth having

Ultimate thin design, 5nm advanced manufacturing process flagship chip, new OriginOS operating system, 12+3GB super-large memory, make the game enjoyable 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz sampling rate, amazing Zeiss optical lens, can shoot far and near full focus video system… From the appearance level to the inner side, from the performance to photography, as a flagship phone of video, Vivo X60 PRO can be said to fully show its own super quality cultivation.

From my point of view, the Vivo X60 Pro is definitely worth having, whether you want a flagship smartphone or a handy camera to carry around with you. After all, you can get a camera for the price of a flagship phone, so why not?

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