April 19, 2021


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Wear LUCI immers and Enjoy Your Own Private Giant-Screen Cinema

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Nowadays, although cinemas are reopening successively, it’s wiser to watch movies at home for the moment. Many people buy large-screen television, projectors, professional stereos and other equipment in pursuit of a more comfortable and more atmospheric environment for watching movies. Even so, the experience we get from these devices is still far short of the high-definition picture quality, stunning acoustics and immersive viewing effects that IMAX theaters offer. It also lacks the subjective “wow” feeling.

With the continuous development of VR virtual reality technology, more and more people accept and recognize this emerging technology, which is widely used in education, video entertainment, aerospace and other fields. The first time I came into contact with VR glasses was from the main game. In addition to the novelty, the VR devices at that time were all immature. Apart from the uneven quality of the products, even the most basic picture quality and clarity were not satisfactory.

Recently, I was lucky to get the trial qualification of LUCI immers , and its experience made me look at the consumer VR equipment with new eyes. Different from previous VR glasses, LUCI immers’ positioning is more oriented towards head-mounted display devices. The 3840*1080 resolution +3147 PPI OLED screen gives it high definition and exquisite picture quality. It can also simulate the viewing experience of watching a 1023-inch giant screen from a golden position of 20 meters in the cinema hall, which is known as “head-mounted giant screen cinema”.

Next, I would like to share the use and feelings of LUCI immers. 


(I) Unpacking and accessories


The experience with this LUCI immers starts with a simple unpacking. The pure black packing box is simple and clear. There is a LUCI Logo in the middle of the box lid and the word “immers” on the side. The blue waist line makes the pure black packing box not too rigid.

Inside the box is a portable bag containing the main engine, a band and some accessories.

The main machine of LUCI immers lies quietly in a portable bag with fixed card position. The protection measures are still in place.

This trial product is the standard version of LUCI immers, with a headband and HDMI adapter box in addition to the host.

The following is the standard version of the rich accessories, including: host, face mask (installed on the host), Bluetooth handle, headband, Type-C cable, HDMI video adapter box, quick guide, cleaning cloth, spare face mask cotton, portable bag, bandage.

There’s also a LITE version of LUCI Immers that lacks the Bluetooth handle, HDMI adapter case, headband, and spare face mask cotton that the standard version does better in everything from the experience of wearing to connecting to the device and handling.

Although the surface of the portable bag is designed in imitation of cloth grain, it is indeed a waterproof bag in every sense. The waterproof performance can be seen by setting a waterproof strip with tight seams in the zipper position.

The size of this bag is not big, except for the location of the host, the spare space is just enough for Bluetooth handle, headband, bandage and Type-C cable. It is a set of standard accessories for connecting portable devices, which is convenient for use when going out. In my spare time, I can find a quiet corner, order a cup of coffee and watch a movie with LUCI immers.


(II) Appearance and details


My first impression of LUCI immers was that it was “sophisticated” and had an explosive sense of technology, as if I had been given high-tech equipment that could only be found in a science fiction movie. The extremely simple appearance and perfect texture of the fuselage hit my visual nerve as a man of science and technology in minutes. Even for my wife who is not interested in high-tech products, she gave high praise for LUCI immers exquisite workmanship.

The body is composed of a host and a face mask. The standard version has headband and band, while the LITE version only has headband, and the headband needs to be purchased separately.

If there is no eye-catching design idea, simplicity itself is an excellent design scheme. Although the front panel has some metal texture, it is made of solid plastic material. Moreover, the shell of the whole host is made of plastic material,  The upper and lower border is a bright piano paint design, asymmetrical, extending to both sides.

There is only one solid scroll button on the top of the machine, not even a power button. The roller key adjusts the distance between the two windows (between 2.17 and 2.79 inch), allowing the machine to match the pupil distance of the user’s eye to focus for clear images and comfortable viewing conditions, rather than allowing the eye to adjust to the machine.

There is a slot below the roller key where the headband is installed. The headband adopts the way of clamp installation, and the sound of “click” means that the installation is in place. The headband is not fixed after installation, and the angle can be adjusted freely according to the user’s head type and habit.

Headband fitting range: 20.8-24.8 inches. There is a knob in front to adjust the size of headband. It always feels a little weird to have the knob right in the middle, so consider downsizing it and moving it somewhere else, or changing it to something else.

The inner part that touches the skin is equipped with a pad. The surface is made of leather, and the inner part is filled with skin-friendly cotton, which makes the hand feel very soft.

Next, one of the core components of LUCI immers is the optical lens group, which adopts 4 all-glass lenses in a single mesh. After several iterations and upgrades, LUCI’s engineers have perfected the polishing of the optical lens group, which not only reduced the weight of the lens, but also achieved a 70° field of view angle. It is well known that the field of view determines the field of view of optical instruments. The larger the angle of view, the larger the field of view, which is also an important reason why LUCI immers can simulate a 1023-inch screen. Different from the field of view angle above 90° of ordinary VR glasses, they pursue the change of perspective, while LUCI immers pay more attention to the viewing effect and pursue clarity and picture quality.

It should be noted that the lens are supposed to stay away external scraping, when not using LUCI immers, remember to plug the matching protective cover, prevent accidental scratching of the lens, but also can block external dust.

In the middle position of two windows there is a button and a built-in type small window. The button is a key of headband to remove the device while the small window is a distance sensor. The screen will be automatically bright after putting it on and automatically off when putting it down which saves the trouble of forgetting to shut it down. This is why you did not see the on-off key.

There is a row of cooling grilles at the bottom of the body, and audio interface and Type-C interface are on the left and right sides respectively. All video output devices are connected by this type-C interface. LUCI immers has no external playback function, so it can only get sound through wired headphones or audio equipment with 0.14 inch interface. There are two air permeable grilles on the upper and lower sides of the mask to prevent the lens from fogging.


(III) User experience


Essentially, LUCI immers is a head-mounted display device that has no built-in operating system, relies on an external video transmission device to play content, and must be wired, not wirelessly connected to ensure content quality. LUCI immers doesn’t even have a built-in power source. It has to be powered by external devices like phones and computers.

One of the characteristics of LUCI immers is to plug it and it is ready and play. Without complicated settings, only one Type-C line can directly connect mobile phones, laptops and other devices; The HDMI adapter box is compatible with computers, tablets, game consoles, set-top boxes and other devices, and supports a wide range of terminal devices.

To wear:

The standard version of LUCI immers has two ways of wearing: headband type and band type. Due to the lightweight body of 6.35 ounces, neither of the two ways of wearing will cause obvious discomfort. Various ways of wearing just give users with different habits one more choice. The headband is stronger, and the headband can be used to snap the body up quickly, but the adjustable range is fixed (20.8-24.8 inches), so be careful if you have a big head.

My wife says she wears a headband like Wonder Woman in the Avengers with high-tech glasses, but the more I look at it, the more I feel like a coal miner.

The strap is easier to wear and reduces pressure on the head. The strap is an elastic design for a larger head size. However, if worn over a long period of time, the strap style has a more pronounced drop than the headband style.

At this point, one might ask, does wearing glasses affect wearing LUCI immers? Since I wear glasses, I think I can answer this question. Users who wear glasses like me can almost wear them without feeling, so there is no need to worry about whether the mask will press on the legs of the glasses, or whether it will bring more pressure to the bridge of the nose. That’s assuming, of course, that your glasses aren’t of the unusual size of oversized frames.

To carry:

The portability of the machine is important when you go out. LUCI’s portable bag for users has been described before. It is really small, small enough for a girl to hold in one hand, and it is “full load”. Unlike the game-themed VR glasses, LUCI immers don’t need a gamepad, nor do they need to dance with body language. All they need is a quiet corner in a coffee shop or library.

Equipment support

  1. Connect your phone

The connection with Android phone is the simplest, and the type-C interface of the two devices can be connected by the type-C wire. However, compared with other devices, Android phones are also more limited, requiring phones with DP1.2 or above interface or thunder 3 and supporting output video signals.

The official website also lists some mobile phone models that can be normally adapted. Although it is not the latest statistics, it can be seen that the models supported are almost all previous generations of flagship models of major brands, and other cost-effective models are not supported. That’s when you see why the flagship is more expensive, even with the same screen processor and system.

LUCI immers support all iPhone devices with Lightning port, which means that LUCI immers can be connected from the iPhone SE to the current iPhone 11 series. Instead of direct connection, we need a Lightning to HDMI adapter. The HDMI port of the HDMI adapter box is connected to the adapter, and the USB port is connected to the power supply of a charger kit, and the Lightning connector is connected to the iPhone, so as to successfully light Up LUCI immers.

2. Connect to the computer

Connecting LUCI immers to a computer is like having a second screen on your computer. If you don’t use LUCI Home, you can only use LUCI immers as a monitor on your head. About LUCI Home, I will explain it in detail later.

If your computer has advanced Type-C interface, so congratulations, a data line can be directly connected; If not, the all-around player’s HDMI adapter box is coming to play, with Type-C on one end and HDMI and USB ports on the other. After the successful hardware connection is not over yet, in the computer side (Win10 system) desktop right-click – display settings – multi-monitor settings select “expand these monitors”, and our multi-monitor connected screen settings is the same.

The Bluetooth handle in the standard version is equipped for the convenience of using LUCI Home on the PC side. Long press the handle for confirmation + return key 3s to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode, and search and connect the device named “immers” on the computer side. Keys on the handle are in order from top to bottom: direction key (ring), confirm key (circle), return key, exit key and status indicator light.

During watching the movie, the volume, VR environment, picture brightness and size can be adjusted by Bluetooth handle. The accuracy of Bluetooth handle needs to be improved, which is obviously different from mouse control.

The Bluetooth handle is round and compact, which can be easily held in the hand. The controller comes with a rope, so you don’t have to worry about finding the remote control on the way to the movies.

  1. Other equipment

In addition to mobile phones and computers, LUCI immers can also connect PS4, XBOX, Switch, Blu-ray, set-top box and other devices. Why do I classify devices other than mobile phones and computers as “other”? This is because LUCI Home, the official software for phones and computers, is not available on any other device, meaning that to connect to any other device is to use LUCI immers as a display.


(4) Video and audio experience

  1. Viewing effect

A consumer product is designed and manufactured for the ultimate purpose of serving people. The main duty of LUCI immers is to let us enjoy our own giant screen cinema. In order to ensure the image effect, high-definition image, rich and exquisite color, behind the lens group is a 0.7inch micro-OLED display screen with a resolution of 3840*1080, refresh rate of 60Hz, pixel density of 3147 PPI, and contrast range of 100:1,1140% sRGB. This is because LUCI Home, the official software for phones and computers, is not available on any other device, meaning that to connect to any other device is to use LUCI immers as a display.

To be honest, the 3147 PPI is probably one of the most pixel-dense head-mounted VR devices I’ve ever known. PPI is often referred to as the pixel density of a screen. It refers to the number of pixels per inch of the screen. The smaller the number of pixels, the more effective the screen is. The larger the number, the more detailed the image.

Screen effect at low pixels

Screen effect at high pixels

I am satisfied with the performance of LUCI Immers, especially that it can isolate the ambient light after wearing it. What I can see is a huge screen almost the same as a cinema, as if I were in a cinema, and the immersive experience is coming on my face.

Although the website details that “LUCI immers has joined the anti-distortion optical system, the distortion rate is 30% better than the average level, even the edge of the image will not detect any distortion.” To simulate such a large screen, distortion is almost inevitable in the actual experience. Take my machine for example, the picture quality and clarity are indeed perfect, with obvious stretch and expansion on both sides of the picture, and standard pillow distortion.

I found a disadvantage of using LUCI immers when wearing glasses. Although there is basically no pressure feeling when wearing glasses, the position of both sides of the frame has exceeded the scope covered by the glasses when watching the movie due to the simulated 1023-inch screen is very wide, which resulted in the blurred image of the left and right frame positions that I saw.

  1. LUCI Home

If hardware is the foundation of LUCI immers, LUCI Home is the soul of LUCI immers.

What VR lacks is not high-end equipment, but resource integration. If there is a VR device that can integrate all the popular videos, games and other resources, it is difficult not to be popular. The function of LUCI Home is to integrate movie resources and provide users with resource search, 4K movie online viewing and local video playing. 

LUCI Home on the Android terminal provides users with 4K movies to watch online. Of course, it is not free, so 4K needs to be activated to select VIPs. LUCI immers are free for a year, after which you need to buy another one.

LUCI Home does not provide online video viewing service, but it can download 4K, 3D and other movie resources through BT search. It can also play local 2K, 4K, VR180°, VR360°, 3D around, 3D up and down video formats.

In settings, you can switch screen resolution, adjust brightness, change influence mode, and so on.

LUCI Home also has a function, in the video control bar there are 4 VR cinema scene to choose: giant screen cinema, home theater, universe and nothing.

Among these four environments, I prefer the “giant screen cinema”. The virtual cinema environment is very good, with the screen, seats, ceiling and ambient lights on both sides. It looks very real, and there is no one around, giving me the feeling of a cinema hall.

There is a detail design that I like very much. When I look away from the screen, the movie playing will automatically pause, and when I return to the screen, there will be a 3s countdown and then continue to play. Cinema doesn’t treat us like this, right?

  1. Sound

If the image is an ADC, then the sound is an assistant. The two complement each other and bring a better movie-watching experience. LUCI immers supports virtual 7.1 channels and can experience surround-sound effects. However, there is no external playback of LUCI immers, and only wired earphones or Bluetooth earphones can play the sound. The sound equipment greatly affects the sound quality of LUCI immers.

  1. Power consumption and heat dissipation

After about 2 hours of use, the body of LUCI immers has an obvious heat, especially the highest temperature of the front panel, reaching 43.4℃, while other parts are basically between 29 ℃ and 34℃. Its power consumption mainly comes from the main board, which is located on the inside of the front panel. A heat sink is designed between the main board and the screen, so most of the heat is discharged from the upper heat sink.

  1. Safety

Wearing head-display devices like LUCI immers is to focus our eyes on the electronic screen in a close range for a long time. It should not affect the vision in a short time, but it is bound to cause eye fatigue if it is used for a long time. So, I suggest to plan the use time reasonably and avoid doing harm to the eyes.


(V) Summary

“A private theater with a large screen that can be carried with you” is a summary sentence of LUCI immers after I experienced it. The body is small and technologically sophisticated, so it doesn’t look too ostentatious even in public; The effect of watching the film is indisputable, with high definition and exquisite picture quality. The 1,023-inch giant screen combined with VR virtual scene makes me feel like watching a movie in a private theater. LUCI Home is rich in resources, whether 4K online movies on Android or resource search on PC, it achieves effective resource integration and solves the worry of “having machines but no resources to see”.

As a head display device, LUCI immers’ performance is very bright, but in the “everything is smart” environment, as a high-tech product, LUCI immers’ intelligent performance is limited. It doesn’t have a built-in smart system, or even a built-in power supply, and it has to rely on an external device to use it, which is very limited. PC terminal LUCI Home is not stable, often without any reason, there is a jam, black screen and player crash happening/ I hope that the software will be optimized and improved later.

In my opinion, the biggest weakness of LUCI immers is not being able to run independently. If LUCI Home can be developed into a complete set of intelligent system and integrated into the host. At the same time, it can support the host built-in battery, wireless connection and run independent operation. This will greatly enhance the intelligence of LUCI immers and interactive experience.

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