April 19, 2021


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What technological innovations does the new iPhone 12 bring?

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In the early hours of this morning. Apple held the second new product event of this fall. iPhone 12, which has attracted the most attention, was also unveiled. What surprises did Apple Grammy bring after one year of anticipation? For those of you still waiting to see, here’s a quick summary of some of the innovations that have been introduced in the new iPhone 12.

Super Retina XDR Display

iPhone 12 uses the Super Retina XDR display, which has twice the number of pixels compared to the iPhone 11. It completed the upgrade from LCD to OLED, with 1200 nits brightness and 2 million to 1 contrast. The only regret is that there is no high brush in this series.

Dloby Horizon Camera

Dolby Vision is American Dolby labs’ image quality tech, which improves image quality by increasing brightness and expanding dynamic range. In this case, images become more realistic. Hollywood movies are shot with this standard. In terms of colors, 10 bits mean 700 million color performance, with the maximum support of 4K and 60 frame rate shooting.

Pro max supports 5x optical zoom (4x pro) and 12x digital zoom (10x Pro). In addition to night mode, it also supports shape-based optical image stabilization and Apple Pro Raw output, giving more room for post-production color mixing.


LIDAR Laser Radar (Pro models only)

A number of column AR application to support distance and spatial detection perception. In addition to the traditional measurement function, it also includes some accurate gesture recognition and facial expressions. Face ID is just a test case for driver fatigue or a user calls for help with a fall. More diverse forms of human-computer interaction will be possible in the future.

Extreme Lightweight

The lightweight design of iPhone 12/mini completely got rid of the image of heavy smartphones. Especially the iPhone 12 Mini, became the world’s lightest 5G mobile phone, weighing only 133 grams.

Four Times Resistance to Falling

The whole iPhone12 series is made of nanoscale porcelain, which is harder than glass. The fully flat design also gives the panel more protection, increasing the iPhone’s drop resistance by a factor of four, which is significant for the larger pro max.

5G Network Supported and Optimized

Apple is always devoted to work on power-consumption control design, this time 5G tech is no exception. The iPhone 12 has been analyzed and optimized from the application level to the system level framework to save as much power as possible while ensuring user demand. In the smart data mode, users can automatically switch to 4G network to save power under low data demand, and 5G full-speed download can be started under high data demand.


A14 Bionic chip

A14 bionic chip which is carried in iPhone1 is the world’s first 5-nanomemter chip. Earlier IPAD release has also seen its power. With 11.8 billion transistors, a 40% increase over the A13, it has a better power consumption ratio. The combined design of two large cores and four small cores improves CPU performance by 15% compared with A13 and GPU by 10%. In terms of performance improvement, although it is not fully satisfying, it pays more attention to power consumption and local heating control, striving to maintain a reasonable balance between performance and power consumption.

MagSafe Technology

Apple’s wireless charging power has reached the upper limit of 15W, and it is compatible with Qi wireless charging standard. The magnetic suction design provides expansion space for various peripheral accessories, such as magnetic suction card pack. By the way, it also cleverly solved the dilemma of being able to pay games under the wireless charging mode. Even though it is still far behind the domestic flagship charging speed…

No More Power adapters and EarPods

The accessories include only one USB-C lightning fast charging cable. This decision is made in the name of environmental protection, indicating that all new products from now on May continue this policy. But this is also an opportunity for our domestic third-party accessories manufacturers.

Which iPhone12 is the Best for You?

iPhone 12 pro/max has three rear cameras: ultra-wide angle, wide angle and telephoto. The positioning is more high-end and professional, including Apple ProRAW, LiDAR laser radar, Dolby Vision HDR, etc., which are not core functions. Average users can take photos in JPEG format. It is suitable for high-end creators seeking productivity, or apple fans with a good budget.

iPhone 12/mini has only 12MP wide angle and 12MP super wide angle in the rear, with two cameras but it is better in terms of volume and weight control, especially the 7.4mm iPhone 12mini. As the world’s lightest 5G phone, it weighs only 133g. You no longer need to worry about the pants falling down from the phone while jogging. It is suitable for sports enthusiasts as well as those with a limited budget who still want to experience the Apple A14 on a small screen.

iPhone 11 series will inevitably lower the price, while A13’s performance is still strong. If 5G network support is not needed, then iPhone 11 pro max may be a more cost-efficient choice for fans of large screens.

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