March 4, 2021

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Xiaomi Router AX6000 Review: Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced Edition Supported, Additional Function but No Additional Price

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Users who usually pay more attention to router products should have noticed that in the past two years, Xiaomi routers have made great progress both in terms of reviews and practical experience. Among them, there are heated discussion about AX1800, AC2100 and other products, as the flagship level of Xiaomi router AX3600 also has a very high popularity, and in December 29’s release conference, in addition to the much-anticipated Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi also brought the successor of AX3600 – Xiaomi router AX6000.


Continuing the design

If you have used the Xiaomi router AX3600 before, you should be very familiar with the new Xiaomi router AX6000, because they are basically the same in design and size. The body size is 16*5.2*6.9 inches, and both of them are triprism with 7 antennas in total, plus “two on the back and five on the sides”.

The one with the indicator light in the middle is the highly praised independent AIOT-exclusive antenna, which can help to separate the different network requirements of smart IoT devices from those of mobile phones, computers and other devices from the hardware, effectively reducing the mutual influence. The remaining six antennas, including two 2.4GHz antennas and four 5GHz antennas, continue the design of the previous generation and are equipped with six-channel FEM (LNA+PA) high-power signal amplifier, which makes the signal coverage more stable and stronger.

In addition to the AIOT antenna indicator light and the network port light on the back, the two vertical indicator lights in the middle are the most prominent ones on the front. Among them, the top one is the network status light, which is always on, indicating that the network cable is plugged into the WAN port and the superior network is normal. The bottom one is the system status light, and the long one is on, indicating normal operation.

One of the differences between the old and new models is the product label on the lower right corner of the front. Xiaomi router AX6000 has shrunk the “Xiaomi” logo to stand in a row with other labels. The text color has also been changed to a more conspicuous dark gold color, highlighting Wi-Fi 6, 4K QAM and other major features.

Xiaomi router AX6000 positive oneness is stronger, but if you pay attention to the detail can see the Xiaomi hid ventilation holes respectively at the top, side and bottom of the fuselage, the overall wind road is connected fully, which can help route fast heat dissipation, long time use or this summer when the temperature is higher. Thus, it can maintain the router will not affect the web experience frequency reduction because of overheating.

Flip to the back and you’ll see another big upgrade to Xiaomi’s AX6000 router — a 2.5-gigabyte network port, which is pretty rare for its price point and worth considering for users who plan to upgrade to a gigabit or more network.

At the same time, the first two network ports support WAN/LAN switching, users can choose according to the actual needs, 2.5G network port with NAS can effectively improve its transmission rate in the local area network. It is a pity that the Xiaomi router AX6000 still does not have USB 3.0 interface, which is a shame for some users who are used to routing and downloading directly from the hard disk.


Feature major upgrade

Xiaomi router AX6000 is equipped with the new generation Qualcomm IPQ5018 platform, the CPU is 64-bit dual-core A53 architecture, and equipped with a 1.0GHz independent NPU, 512MB memory, supporting Mesh networking, Xiaomi connection and Xiaomi device exclusive acceleration (automatic recognition of game scenes) and other functions.

Compared to the previous generation, the Xiaomi router AX6000 has been upgraded with Wi-Fi 6 enhanced support, with a significantly higher rate cap, a larger throughput of 4*4 160MHz bandwidth, and a higher transmission efficiency of 4K QAM modulation, with a theoretical total rate of 5,961 Mbps: 574Mbps (2.4GHz) + 4804Mbps (5GHz) + (150Mbps+433Mbps) (dual-band IOT).

Of course, both of these new features need to be supported on the phone at the same time, which makes them a good fit for the company’s flagship new Xiaomi 11. At present, because the official firmware version has not been pushed, some functions cannot be directly tested.

With the same connection to the AX6000, the Xiaomi 11’s connection speed is 20% faster, which is the benefit of the 4096QAM upgrade from 1024QAM. It should be noted that although 4096 is four times as much as 1024 digitally, in fact, 1024=2 to the power of 10, 4096=2^12, which means that in the same unit transmission time, 1024QAM transmits 10bits of content, while 4096QAM transmits 12bits of content, an increase of 20%.

As Wi-fi 6 based OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) and MU – MIMO (multi-user multiple input multiple output) is greatly improved the router concurrent communication ability, can let Xiaomi router AX6000 in single cycle for a maximum of 16 devices to send data at the same time, improve the communication efficiency, also can avoid the low-speed devices within the network environment to tow other device speed back.


Convenient configuration steps

As a brand advocating intelligent router from the very beginning, Xiaomi has long accumulated rich experience in terms of how to reduce the configuration threshold of routing and ease the difficulty of use and maintenance. After so many generations of product iteration, it has developed a perfect solution.

After accessing the network, the Xiaomi router AX6000 will automatically detect the connection mode. Unless there is a requirement to set the bridge mode, the user can basically set the network name and password all the way to the next step. If you used Xiaomi router before, it is also possible to directly restore the previous router Settings backup, to achieve a completely non-intuitive smooth switch.

A large number of practical functions are displayed in the App side toolbox page. In addition to basic functions such as Wi-Fi setting and upgrade assistant, functions such as Wi-Fi, fault diagnosis and anti-rub network are also frequently used by visitors. We also recommend that you turn on your router’s restart schedule so that your router restarts automatically on a regular basis to keep it in good working condition for longer.

If there are more advanced settings, you can also directly in the PC or website for more detailed settings.


Upgrade of adding functions but not price

Last year, we had a good impression on the Xiaomi router AX3600, which we believe is a cost-effective product that meets the needs of users in the current smart home environment.

Therefore, the new Xiaomi router AX6000 has improved theoretical speed, upgraded 2.5G network port, added 4*4 160MHz, 4K QAM and other features to support, but the price still remains at 69 dollars. Of course, it can be regarded as an affordable upgrade with additional functions and no additional price.

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