Written by AndrewH

ZQGames looks to become branching out into different genres with a few of their new game releases. The next planned is a called Movie Studio Story which, as you are probably guessing, is about the movie industry. Interestingly enough though, you will not be managing a movie studio or anything like that… at least away from the beginning.

Instead players will be taking on the role of a menial worker in the market. In other words, you won’t be running the studios making the movies right in the jump, you’ll be the unknown employee trying to make it big within the movie industry. You will need to place in your dues and come up to the level of a big-wig before you can begin to make movies. You’ll begin attempting to headhunt talent and crew members for that studio, then working your way up the corporate ladder.

Eventually players will be executing blockbuster marketing campaigns and making far-out flicks while you attempt to end up being the newest thing. When you finally reach that much cla, you’ll need to stay there which means more work, keeping the blockbuster movies rolling out and the talent arriving.

Movie Studio Story is one of two games (more about the second game coming shortly) from ZQGames that is entering into a limited closed beta testing phase. People interested in participating will need to sign up over on the official closed beta page for games. If you are accepted, you’re going to get an invite to participate. Participants go for a unique “Reach for the Stars” when the game officially launches after the closed beta testing ends. Everyone who subscribes, however, is going to be entered into a contest for an opportunity to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card, which 10 winners will be picked.

Please note: During the time of writing this, all beta sign-up pages are down. We’re waiting for these to go live today and can post an update once they do.

Official Website: Movie Studio Story beta sign-up